What is the effective range of a 444 Marlin rifle?

What is the effective range of a 444 Marlin rifle?

about 200 yards
According to M. L. McPherson (editor, Cartridges of the World), “the 444 is fully capable against any species in North America” and describes its useful range as being out to about 200 yards (180 m). The typical . 444 Marlin fired from a rifle has more impact energy at 200 yards (180 m) than a .

When was Marlin 444 discontinued?

Several years ago at a writer seminar, Marlin announced the return of the Marlin 444, which had been out of production since 2011. Unfortunately, during early production and testing, the company realized the rifle wasn’t ready for prime time.

How hard does a 444 Marlin kick?

Figures show that a 444 Marlin with a 240 grain bullet loaded to 2,400 feet per second (in a 7.5 pound rifle) only has a recoil of 23.3 pounds.

How good is 444 Marlin?

444 Marlin is better than both of them. Hornady has Superformance ammo that pushes a 265-grain flat-point bullet to 2400 fps, which means it is the fastest straight-wall rifle cartridge on the market. While that may not be impressive to long-range rifle shooters, in this class of ammo it’s excellent.

How accurate is a 444 Marlin?

Eventually Marlin dropped the micro groove rifling and decreased twist to 1 :20 so that much heavier bullets would stabilize for best accuracy. 444 rifles are known for superb accuracy; one hole groups at 100 yards are common. 444 cartridge is sort of a lengthened 44 MAG case.

Is the marlin.444 Magnum a lever action rifle?

While the .44 Magnum is a fine brush gun, and well suited for hog hunting at moderate range, the .444 Marlin can be a true big-game rifle. The .444 hasn’t replaced the .30-30, but it has enjoyed some popularity with the lever-action crowd.

Can a 444 Marlin be used in deer hunting?

Persistence won the day and Marlin came back, but the Model 444 did not. Then somebody came up with the idea of letting deer hunters in shotgun-only areas use straight-wall rifle cartridges. It quickly caught on, and state after state changed its regulations.

Why was the.444 Marlin round reintroduction?

The most significant change, the one that caused the stop-and-start reintroduction, involved the Ballard rifling. Designers decided to change it to a 1:20 twist to improve accuracy with current loads. When the straight-wall .444 Marlin round made its debut, it offered a huge advantage over the .45-70 Gov’t due to its much higher pressure ceiling.

What kind of lever action does a Marlin use?

The Marlin lever action appears to have a long throw, but when shouldered and properly operated, the rifle is actually fast in action and the action has plenty of leverage for the big .444 round. These hard-hitting non-expanding bullets increased the usefulness of the .44 Magnum cartridge against the largest game.