What is the climax of Retrieved Reformation?

What is the climax of Retrieved Reformation?

Climax: Annabel’s niece, Agatha, gets locked into the new safe at the bank. his true identity while Annabel’s family and Ben Price all watch.

What is the resolution in A Retrieved Reformation?

Resolution. Ralph is relieved, and the old him- Jimmy Valentine, is gone for good.

What are the main events in A Retrieved Reformation?

Jimmy is released from prison after being caught robbing banks and starts robbing again within the first week. But on a job in Elmore, Jimmy’s life is changed. He burns his past, changes his name to Ralph Spencer, and begins to make an honest living. Annabel Adams, the woman that changed his life, agrees to marry him.

What conflict must Ben Price resolve?

A Retrieved Reformation
In ‘A Retrieved Reformation,’ Ben Price must resolve the conflict of whether or not to arrest Jimmy.

What is the climax of the story Jimmy Valentine?

What is the climax of the story Jimmy Valentine? The story reaches its climax when Jimmy risks revealing his identity as a safecracker so that he can free Agatha from the bank vault.

What is the theme of Retrieved Reformation?

The theme of ‘A Retrieved Reformation’ is that love can reform anyone. At the beginning of the story, Jimmy Valentine is unrepentant about his crimes….

What is the theme of a Retrieved Reformation?

What is the setting of the story Jimmy Valentine?

Lesson Summary Henry’s ”A Retrieved Reformation,” Jimmy Valentine is an ex-con who reforms his ways after meeting Annabel Adams, the daughter of the banker in the small town of Elmore, Arkansas. Jimmy assumes a new name, Ralph D.

Why did Jimmy Valentine decide to live straight?

Answer: Jimmy Valentine decided to live a better life because he fell in love with a woman and felt his heart change, when an officer found him he found out jimmy changed and when he rescued a young girl from a safe the officer pretended he did not know Jimmy anymore. I hope this helped!

What happened at the end of Jimmy Valentine?

After rescuing the girl from the vault when he realizes that everyone present there has come to know his real identity, he immediately decides to leave the place ignoring the call of Annabel from behind. But famous detective Ben Price appears there to arrest him and surprisingly Jimmy becomes ready to be arrested.

What is the main conflict in after twenty years?

The central conflict of O. Henry’s ironic short story “After Twenty Years” is an internal problem. The policeman, JImmy Wells, is torn between his duty as an officer of the law and his loyalty and friendship to the friend of his youth, ‘Silky’ Bob, who has arrived for their previously arranged twenty-year reunion.

Why did Jimmy Valentine change his life and become Ralph Spencer?

He chooses to open a shoe store because he has had ten months experience working on shoes in prison. His choice of the name Ralph Spencer is purely arbitrary. It could have been any other alias. He sensed that he was getting too well known in his old territory in Indiana and that vicinity.

Who pardoned Jimmy Valentine?

It seems most likely that the “Springfield job” was committed in Springfield, Illinois, which is the state capitol., and that Jimmy received a pardon from the governor of Illinois after serving ten months. When the warden sends for him to hand him his pardon, the warden also refers to the “Springfield job.”

What happened to Jimmy Valentine?

When “A Retrieved Reformation” begins, Jimmy Valentine is a career criminal. After receiving a pardon and being released from prison, he proceeds to return to his criminal ways. This all changes when he comes to Elmore and then catches sight of Annabel Adams.

Why did Ben Price not recognize James Valentine?

Ans. Ben Price pretended not to recognize him because he witnesses Valentine’s reformation and wanted to give him a chance to enjoy his new life.

What is the setting of A Retrieved Reformation?

Written in 1903, A Retrieved Reformation takes place in a time before cars, when people traveled by train and by ”livery buggy. ” Though we begin the story in prison with Jimmy, we quickly move into the outside world. Apart from a quick pit stop to his old apartment, most of the action happens in Elmore, Arkansas.

What two characters will struggle against each other in the story’s conflict?

The conflict throughout the story is between Ben Price and Jimmy Valentine. It is resolved in one of O. Henry’s surprise endings when Price decides to let Jimmy retain his new identity as Ralph Spencer and go ahead with his reformation. Jimmy is a changed man, but Ben Price changes too.

What is the conclusion of A Retrieved Reformation?

O. Henry came to the conclusion that crime does not pay. Fortunately, he had a great talent for writing which enabled him to make an honest living. But his past haunted him for the rest of his life.

What are the 4 types of internal conflict?

What are the different types of internal conflict?

  • Moral Conflict.
  • Sexual Conflict.
  • Religious Conflict.
  • Political Conflict.
  • Love Conflict.
  • Self-Image Conflict.
  • Interpersonal Conflict.
  • Existential Conflict.

    What are the 6 types of conflict?

    The 6 Types of Literary Conflict

    • Character vs. Self. This is an internal conflict, meaning that the opposition the character faces is coming from within.
    • Character vs. Character.
    • Character vs. Nature.
    • Character vs. Supernatural.
    • Character vs. Technology.
    • Character vs. Society.

      The predominant conflict in “After Twenty Years” is an internal one that is not apparent to the reader until the surprise ending of the story. This internal conflict arises between friendship and duty within the character of Jimmy Wells (Man vs. Self).

      What is the external conflict in ” a Retrieved Reformation “?

      Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. The external conflict in ” A Retrieved Reformation ” is between Ben Price and Jimmy Valentine. One might say that this conflict had been ongoing before the story even started.

      What happens at the end of A Retrieved Reformation?

      What Ben Price doesn’t know is that Jimmy has met a beautiful girl, fallen in love, and decided to reform. He is all set to arrest Jimmy in Elmore when he happens to observe the whole scene in which Jimmy sacrifices everything in order to rescue the little girl who is trapped inside the bank vault.

      Who are the characters in a Retrieved Reformation?

      A Retrieved Reformation is a realistic fiction that is set at the start of the 20th century. Jimmy Valentine is the protagonist and Ben Price is the antagonist of the story. The story is in the third person omniscient. It moves between Jimmy Valentine and Ben Price. It is set mostly in Arkansas and Elmore.

      Who is the antagonist in a Retrieved Reformation?

      In this story the antagonist is a private investigator named Ben Price who specializes in protecting banks. The fact that Ben Price had previously caught Jimmy and had him sent to prison shows that he is a well-matched adversary. In a good short story the protagonist and the antagonist should be equally matched.