What is the bounty hunter rated?

What is the bounty hunter rated?

The Bounty Hunter/MPAA rating

Is the bounty hunter appropriate for kids?

Parents need to know that this uninspired romantic comedy with an action twist is a little more violent than most films of this genre. It has gunfights and knee-whackings, but no outright gore.

Is Bounty Hunter a good movie?

This movie is a really nice and basic movie to watch when you do not know what to watch. The script is simple. However, as Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are the ones who play the main characters, the movie was enjoyable. Their acting made the movie more fun and catchy.

What age rating is Teenage Bounty Hunters?

Heads Up, Parents: Netflix’s Teenage Bounty Hunters Has a TV-MA Rating For a Reason. Netflix’s new show Teenage Bounty Hunters is a high-octane thriller dramedy that features two strong-willed, empowered, religious teenagers who literally kick butt . . . but the show is anything but teenage.

What age rating is bounty hunter?

The Bounty Hunter is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for sexual content including suggestive comments, language and some violence.

What age rating is Bounty Hunter?

Is Teenage Bounty Hunters appropriate for 14 year olds?

One such example of this is the new Netflix show called Teenage Bounty Hunters. It’s so easy to see how this show could fall below the radar as a teenage-friendly show, based on the title, but don’t be fooled. This is definitely not an age-appropriate show for younger viewers.

Who plays Blair’s boyfriend in Teenage Bounty Hunters?

Jennings is introduced in the show’s opening episode as Blair’s boyfriend, although their relationship is an awkward one as we see even more clearly in episode 2, titled What’s a Jennings?. Jennings is played by Nicholas Cirillo in Teenage Bounty Hunters.

What is a bounty hunter for kids?

A bounty hunter is someone who catches criminals for money. They often appear in movies.

Why is just go with it rated PG-13?

The MPAA rated Just Go With It PG-13 for frequent crude and sexual content, partial nudity, brief drug references and language.

Why is teenage bounty hunters rated M?

While witty and humorous at times, Teenage Bounty Hunters is rated TV-MA for language, nudity, and well, everything else you can think of. It also parodies and mocks the southern Christian town stereotype.

Is teenage bounty hunters appropriate for teens?

Parents beware, the content for this show is definitely geared towards older adolescents, and is not appropriate for early teens or pre-teens. Sterling has a boyfriend by the name of Luke and things quickly get hot and heavy between these two.