What is Sphinx code?

What is Sphinx code?

Sphinx is what is called a documentation generator. This means that it takes a bunch of source files in plain text, and generates a bunch of other awesome things, mainly HTML. For example, Sphinx includes directives to relate documentation of modules, classes and methods to the corresponding code.

What is inside the Sphinx Assassin’s Creed?

The Great Sphinx is located in Giza, both in real life and in Assassin’s Creed Origins. To activate the mechanism and finish off the Great Sphinx saga, you need 50 silica, which is a big ask. There are four pieces in this room, as it happens, but if you need more, go visit some tombs and collect some more.

Is there anything inside the Egyptian Sphinx?

The Great Sphinx of Giza American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, who died in 1945, famously claimed that an ancient library was hidden below the statue. This so-called Hall of Records documented Earth’s ancient past, but there is no evidence for existence – and the claim is widely discredited.

What is under the Sphinx paw?

The ancient Egyptian moon god, Hermes Trismegistos reported on a library of knowledge in his mystical works. Legend has it that there is a maze below the paws of the Sphinx that leads to the mystery-shrouded Hall of Records, where all essential knowledge of alchemy, astronomy, mathematics, magic and medicine is stored.

Can you go inside a sphinx?

13 answers. For the Pyramids, you can walk right up to them and yes, you can go inside one. The Giza Plateau is one of the great wonders of the world. As for the Sphynx, you cannot walk up to it and touch it, but that is not such a great loss after visiting and touching the Pyramids.

Is there a tomb inside the Sphinx?

Sphinx is the human-headed lion in ancient Greek mythology; the term likely came into use some 2,000 years after the statue was built. There are hundreds of tombs at Giza with hieroglyphic inscriptions dating back some 4,500 years, but not one mentions the statue.

How to show multiple code examples in Sphinx?

To enable tabs for multiple code examples, add sphinxcontrib.osexample to the list of extensions in the conf.py file: Then, to show multiple code examples with tabs, embed the code blocks under the .. example-code:: directive.

How to document Python code with Sphinx, Opensource.com?

# A better practice is to specify a specific version of sphinx. # This is the sphinx command to generate HTML. # We use Python 3.7. Tox sometimes tries to autodetect it based on the name of # the testenv, but “docs” does not give useful clues so we have to be explicit.

Is there a backend for Sphinx in Python?

Rinohtype, paired with Sphinx offers a modern alternative to LaTeX. It provides a Sphinx backend that allows generating professionally typeset PDF documents (Machiels).

What can you do with rinohtype and Sphinx?

Rinohtype, paired with Sphinx offers a modern alternative to LaTeX . It provides a Sphinx backend that allows generating professionally typeset PDF documents (Machiels).