What is Short Term 12 rated?

What is Short Term 12 rated?

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Why is it called Short Term 12?

Short Term 12 was originally conceived by Destin Daniel Cretton as a short film based on his experiences as a line staff worker at a group facility for teenagers where he had worked for two years; it served as his thesis project for his master’s degree in film at San Diego State University.

Who produced Short Term 12?

Traction Media
Animal Kingdom
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How long is the movie Short Term 12?

1h 37m
Short Term 12/Running time

What is the movie Short Term 12 about?

Calm and competent, Grace is a young counsellor at a California care unit for at-risk teens. However, her cool facade begins to crack in the pressure cooker atmosphere as she and some of the unruly residents are reminded of past and present abuses.
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Does Netflix have Short Term 12?

Yes, Short Term 12 is now available on American Netflix. It arrived for online streaming on December 21, 2019.

Does Amazon Prime have Short Term 12?

Watch Short Term 12 | Prime Video.

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Short-term career goals examples could include:

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