What is Marc Shaiman doing?

What is Marc Shaiman doing?

He is currently co-writing the score for a new musical version of “Some Like It Hot”, and writing music for the upcoming Broadway production of “Plaza Suite”. Shaiman has co-produced and arranged Grammy winning recordings for music icons such as Bette Midler, Harry Connick Jr.

What is Marc Shaiman known for?

Marc Shaiman (/ʃeɪmən/; born October 22, 1959) is an American composer and lyricist for films, television, and theatre, best known for his collaborations with lyricist and director Scott Wittman. He wrote the music and co-wrote the lyrics for the Broadway musical version of the John Waters film Hairspray.

What is the story behind the musical Hairspray?

Hairspray is based on the 1988 film of the same name, directed by John Waters. Waters based the main storyline and “The Corny Collins Show” on the real-life “The Buddy Deane Show” and racial events surrounding it. They routinely collaborated with Waters about plot points and choice of language.

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Why was Hairspray written?

The obsession that inspired Hairspray was The Buddy Dean Show, the show that he would run home after school to watch. This obsession was the inspiration for Tracy and Penny’s obsession with The Corny Collin’s Show, which was the basis of the show’s social problems (Hairspray.)

What has Marc Shaiman composed?

He has contributed in some capacity or another to fifty-two films and television shows (Broadcast News, When Harry Met Sally, The Addams Family, Addams Family Values, Sister Act, Sleepless in Seattle, A Few Good Men, The American President, The First Wives Club, In & Out, Patch Adams, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut …

Who wrote the music in Mary Poppins returns?

Marc Shaiman
Scott Wittman
Mary Poppins Returns/Musik digubah oleh
Background. Composer-songwriter Marc Shaiman and co-lyricist Scott Wittman began working on the score and songs in 2016. They wrote nine original songs for the film.

What is the message of Hairspray?

The themes of Hairspray have to do with issues like discrimination and racism — specifically toward women and black Americans. These are issues that are still prevalent in society today, which is why seeing Tracy and her friends triumph over these problems still resonates with audiences across the nation.

Who wrote Hairspray songs?


Does Travolta regret Hairspray?

The actor says he has regrets over not taking the part, but the producers successfully convinced him to sing and dance again as a fat woman from Baltimore. “Hairspray” is originally based on the 1988 John Waters comedy.

What strategies does Tracy use to stay positive and show self love throughout the movie?

Tracy is the type of girl who is flashy and grand and upbeat about life and especially dancing. She maintains positivity through her dance moves and by knowing that she does have love and admiration from her family, friends, and even personal fans of the Corny Collins Show.

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How old is Tracy Turnblad?

Plot. In 1962, Tracy Turnblad is a 16-year-old heavyset high school student living in Baltimore. Along with her best friend Penny Pingleton, Tracy regularly watches The Corny Collins Show, a local teen dance television show.

Can Emily Blunt really dance?

Some of Emily Blunt’s dancing scenes were completed using a body double, dancer Acacia Schachte of the Cedar Lake Company, with the actress’ face being digitally placed on the dancer’s body.

Does Lin-Manuel Miranda sing in Mary Poppins?

Disney gave fans another sneak peek at one of the new songs in the sequel Mary Poppins Returns. Disney has released trailers featuring a few of Mary Poppins’ new songs, but we finally got to hear Lin-Manuel Miranda sing as the Dick Van Dyke-esque character.

Why is Tracy’s mum a man?

John Travolta was cast as Edna Turnblad, the main character’s mother, in the 2007 remake of “Hairspray” because the role has always been played by a man in drag, starting with the original 1988 film, in which the role was played by famed drag queen Divine. He doesn’t wear those clothes when he’s not making a movie.

Where did Marc Shaiman go to school?

Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School
Marc Shaiman/Education

Shaiman was born to a Jewish family in Newark, New Jersey, the son of Claire (née Goldfein) and William Robert Shaiman. He grew up in Scotch Plains, New Jersey and attended Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, but got his GED and left school at age 16 to start working in New York’s theaters.

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What has Marc Shaiman written?

Shaiman’s other film work includes “Beaches”, “When Harry Met Sally”, “City Slickers”, “The Addams Family”, “A Few Good Men”, “Sister Act” (1 & 2), “Hocus Pocus”, “The Bucket List” and “Parental Guidance”, to name a few. Millions of more titles are available upon request. Call him.

Mary Poppins Returns/Music composed by

Who wrote Catch Me If You Can Musical?

Terrence McNally
Catch Me If You Can/Playwrights

Who was the lyricist of Hairspray?


Who is the antagonist in Hairspray?

Velma Von Tussle is the main antagonist in the film, and musical adaptation of Hairspray.

What kind of movies has Marc Shaiman been in?

Shaiman’s other film work includes “Beaches”, “When Harry Met Sally”, Misery”, “City Slickers”, “The Addams Family”, “Addams Family Values”, “A Few Good Men”, “Sister Act” (1 & 2), “George of the Jungle”, “In and Out”, “Hocus Pocus”, “The Bucket List” and “Parental Guidance”.

What kind of music does Marc Shaiman write?

Marc Shaiman (/ʃeɪmən/; born October 22, 1959) is an American composer and lyricist for films, television, and theatre, best known for his collaborations with lyricist and director Scott Wittman.

Who is Marc Shaiman married to in real life?

Marc was recently honored with the Ambassador Award by the Society of Composers and Lyricists in December 2018, and with the Icon Award at the Guild of Music Supervisors Awards in February 2019. Shaiman is currently married to retired Navy Lieutenant Commander, Louis Mirabal, and currently resides in New York City and upstate New York.

When did Marc Shaiman start working on Saturday Night Live?

(Error Code: 102630) A great talent who started his career in Saturday Night Live (1975), where he worked with colleagues like Rob Reiner or Billy Crystal.