What is ironic about the turn of events in A Retrieved Reformation?

What is ironic about the turn of events in A Retrieved Reformation?

It is doubly ironic that his good deed actually saves him from going to prison for the three bank jobs for which Ben Price is there to arrest him. “A Retrieved Reformation” is full of ironies. It is ironic that the girl Jimmy falls in love with is the daughter of the owner of the town’s bank.

What is the twist ending in A Retrieved Reformation?

Henry gives another ironic twist to the ironic twist in “A Retrieved Reformation.” After Jimmy has exposed his true identity by using his safe-cracking tools to free the little girl from the bank vault, he finds himself facing arrest by the detective Ben Price.

How are the ending to a call loan and A Retrieved Reformation by O’Henry similar?

Henry similar? Both stories show the characters’ reactions at the end. Neither story resolves the conflict at the end. Both stories use a coincidence to resolve the conflict.

Who got stuck in the vault of the bank in A Retrieved Reformation?

In the story, five-year-old Agatha has been locked in the vault by May, her nine-year-old sister. Accordingly, everyone can hear the child ‘wildly shrieking in the dark vault in a panic of terror.

What is the conflict in A Retrieved Reformation?

The external conflict in “A Retrieved Reformation” is between Ben Price and Jimmy Valentine. One might say that this conflict had been ongoing before the story even started. Ben Price had arrested Jimmy and had him sent to prison for a bank job in Springfield.

What happened to Agatha in A Retrieved Reformation?

Agatha is accidently locked in her grandfather’s safe, causing Ralph D. Spencer to break the lock, effectively revealing his identity as Jimmy Valentine.

What POV is the Retrieved Reformation?

“A Retrieved Reformation” is written from the perspective of a third-person omniscient narrator who is telling about an event that occurred in the past and who confines himself almost entirely to a single character’s point of view (POV), the point of view of Jimmy Valentine.

Who is the antagonist of A Retrieved Reformation?

In this story the antagonist is a private investigator named Ben Price who specializes in protecting banks. The fact that Ben Price had previously caught Jimmy and had him sent to prison shows that he is a well-matched adversary.

9 years old May and 5 years old Agatha are the daughters of Annabelle’s married sister. While playing, May accidentally locks Agatha in the bank’s vault.

What happens at the beginning of A Retrieved Reformation?

” A Retrieved Reformation ” opens with Jimmy Valentine working in the prison shoe shop when he receives a pardon letter from the governor. Jimmy meets the news of release with indifference. He has served ten months of a four-year sentence for opening safes, but he had expected to be freed sooner, due to his network of friends outside the prison.

Who is Jimmy Valentine in a Retrieved Reformation?

The story begins with the protagonist Jimmy Valentine who works in a prison shoe shop where he is locked up for breaking safes. He is convicted for opening a safe in Springfield. He is called to the warden’s office and granted freedom by the governor of Arkansas.

Who is the author of A Retrieved Reformation?

Read our complete notes on the short story “A Retrieved Reformation” by William Sydney Porter, a.k.a O. Henry. Our notes cover A Retrieved Reformation summary, themes, and critical analysis. “A Retrieved Reformation”, is a short story written by American writer William Sydney Porter, published in 1903.

Who are the main characters in a Retrieved Reformation?

The main character in “A Retrieved Reformation” is based on a safecracker (someone who breaks into safes) whom Porter met in prison. text analysis: third-person point of view. A third-person point of view in a story is expressed by a narrator who tells the story using pronouns he, she, it, and. they.