What is Eamon Sullivan doing now?

What is Eamon Sullivan doing now?

He is a world record holder in the 50m and 100m freestyle. At age 28, he retired from competitive swimming in 2014 due to an ongoing shoulder injury. Following his retirement from swimming, Eamon now manages several restaurants in and around Perth: Leighton Beach restaurant Bib and Tucker.

How tall is Eamon Sullivan?

1.89 m
Eamon Sullivan/Height

How old is Eamon Sullivan?

35 years (August 30, 1985)
Eamon Sullivan/Age

What stroke did Sullivan swim?

Eamon Sullivan

Personal information
Sport Swimming
Strokes Freestyle
show Medal record

How old is Erica Sullivan swimmer?

20 years (August 9, 2000)
Erica Sullivan/Age
Erica Sullivan (born August 9, 2000) is an American swimmer. She placed second in the 1500-meter freestyle at the 2020 US Olympic Swimming Trials, qualifying her for the 2020 Olympic Games, where she took home the silver medal.

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How old is Emma weyant?

19 years (December 24, 2001)
Emma Weyant/Age

How old was Katie Ledecky in her first Olympics?

Embracing the pain of training for gold. Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in suburban Maryland, Ledecky made her Olympic debut at 15, at the 2012 London Games. She stunned the swim world by winning gold in the 800m, setting a fast pace that has become her trademark in distance races.

How old is Claire curzan?

17 years (June 30, 2004)
Claire Curzan/Age

How tall is Alex Walsh?

1.83 m
Alexandra Walsh/Height

Who is the world’s best female swimmer?

Having won 7 Olympic gold medals and 15 world championship gold medals, the most in history for a female swimmer, she is widely considered to be the greatest female swimmer of all time….Katie Ledecky.

Personal information
Weight 160 lb (73 kg)
Sport Swimming
Strokes Freestyle

Who won 1500 meter swim?

Robert Finke
The USA’s Robert Finke wins 1500m freestyle for second Tokyo 2020 gold. After winning 800m freestyle gold, Finke adds the 1500m title to his name, with Ukraine’s Mykhailo Romanchuk second and Germany’s Florian Wellbrock winning bronze.

Did Claire curzan make Olympics?

Claire Curzan got her medal after all, and in doing so helped the United States women finish the Olympic Games on a positive note with a second-place finish in the 4×100-meter medley relay late Saturday. Curzan wasn’t the only athlete with local ties to compete in Tokyo this weekend.

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Did Gretchen Walsh qualify for the Olympics?

Her younger sister Gretchen has also excelled in the sport breaking records during her senior year. The two sisters were the youngest to qualify for the U.S. Olympic trials in 2016, proving the DNA to be top tier.

Who is No 1 swimmer in the world?

With his win in 2016, Michael Phelps (United States) now holds the overall record with eight titles. He won in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, and 2016.

Who won the 50 free at the Olympics?

Caeleb Dressel
Caeleb Dressel wins gold medal in 50-meter freestyle at Olympics, his third individual gold in Tokyo. TOKYO — American Caeleb Dressel made it 3 for 3 Sunday morning on the final day of the Olympic swimming competition, winning the men’s 50-meter freestyle for his third individual gold medal of these Games.

Who won men’s 50 free?

TOKYO, Aug 1 (Reuters) – Caeleb Dressel of the United States won the gold medal in the men’s 50m freestyle at the Tokyo Olympics on Sunday. Florent Manaudou of France won the silver and Bruno Fratus of Brazil took the bronze.