What is attached under the Marquis carriage?

What is attached under the Marquis carriage?

The “accursed man” was already under the carriage with six or so of his friends, pointing out the chain with his blue cap. Some six or so other people quickly pulled him out from under the carriage and brought him to the marquis. He was out of breath.

Who rides underneath the Marquis carriage?

The Marquis St. Evrémonde is referred to as “Monseigneur” and “Monsieur.” These three different titles all refer to the same person: people who are below the Marquis in rank refer to him as “Monseigneur” or “Monsieur,” while people of equal rank refer to him as the “Marquis.”

What does the woman whose husband died want from the Marquis?

How did the poor woman’s husband die in Monseigneur in the Country, and what did the woman request of the Marquis? He died of hunger, so the woman asked the Marquis for something to mark her husband’s grave.

Why does stryver stop in to tell Mr Lorry of his plans?

Why does Stryver stop in to tell Mr. Lorry of his plans? Because he is a friend, and wants his opinion. He offers to talk to Lucie to figure out how she feels about him, to keep Stryver from the shame of asking her if she would say no.

What promise does Darnay make Dr Manette?

Darnay promises to reveal his true name to Dr. Manette. Charles feels guilty for hiding his true identity from Dr. Manette, since he is also a Frenchman.

Who is the man under the carriage in a tale of two cities?

Monsieur the marquis rode in his traveling carriage, which was loaded with unnecessary things. The carriage was conducted by four horses and two guards on horseback, all struggling up a steep hill.

What does Marquis say in Tale of Two cities?

“You dogs!” said the Marquis, but smoothly, and with an unchanged front, except as to the spots on his nose: “I would ride over any of you very willingly, and exterminate you from the earth. If I knew which rascal threw at the carriage, and if that brigand were sufficiently near it, he should be crushed under the wheels.”

Who was knitting in Tale of Two cities?

But the woman who stood knitting looked up steadily, and looked the Marquis in the face. It was not for his dignity to notice it; his contemptuous eyes passed over her, and over all the other rats; and he leaned back in his seat again, and gave the word “Go on!”

Who was throwing the coin in Tale of Two cities?

As the carriage drove away the marquis had the look of a gentleman who has accidentally broken some small trifle and paid for it easily. His ease was disturbed when a coin flew into the carriage and landed on the floor. “Hold!” said Monsieur the Marquis. “Hold the horses! Who threw that?” “Stop!” said monsieur the marquis. “Stop the horses!

What does Defarge say in Tale of Two cities?

Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. “They call me Defarge.” “My name is Defarge.” “Of what trade?” “What is your job?” “Monsieur the Marquis, vendor of wine.” “I sell wine, monsieur the marquis.”