What have the townspeople discovered about Miss Emily?

What have the townspeople discovered about Miss Emily?

After Miss Emily’s funeral, the people of Jefferson discover an old, rotted corpse in a closed room in Emily’s house. This corpse belonged to Homer Barron, a character who died almost forty years before the day his body was found. It proves that the arsenic that she purchased was used to poison Homer.

What grisly discovery do the townspeople make after Miss Emily dies in A Rose for Emily?

She doesn’t allow anyone to remove her father’s body; finally, after three days she breaks down and lets someone remove the cadaver. This foreshadows the town’s discovery of Homer Barron’s decomposed corpse on the top floor in Emily’s house after her death.

Is there evidence the townspeople knew that Emily had a break with reality earlier than when they find the body at the end of the story?

The townspeople clearly knew that Emily and Homer were having an affair, and they were scandalized by it. It’s very unlikely, however, that anybody consciously imagined that Homer was dead and that his body was lying in Emily’s bedroom. Still, the discovery of the body is narrated in a matter-of-fact way.

Who died first in A Rose for Emily?

The deaths that occur in the story relate to Emily’s family position, her relationship to the town, and her personal life. First in importance was the (1) death of her father who gave Emily both her “backbone” and her imprisonment.

What did Emily do for three days after her father died?

Grierson’s death, the women of the town call on Emily to offer their condolences. Meeting them at the door, Emily states that her father is not dead, a charade that she keeps up for three days. She finally turns her father’s body over for burial.

Why is betrayal bad?

The more that person matters to us, the greater the hurt. Betrayal goes beyond feeling hurt, upset and subsequently angry – it causes further damage: It reduces our ability to trust others in the future. Consequentially, some would find it hard, if not impossible to trust and give themselves to a relationship again.