What happens when you attack a face down defense position monster?

What happens when you attack a face down defense position monster?

If a Defense Position monster is attacked and the attack target’s DEF is greater than or equal to the attacking monster’s ATK, then the attacking monster’s controller takes battle damage equal to the difference between the attacking monster’s ATK and the attack target’s DEF, but neither monster is destroyed.

Do effects activate when face down?

Face-down cards cannot activate effects, unless the card says otherwise. The effect of “Pyramid Turtle” activates in the Graveyard, when it is sent to the Graveyard after it has been flipped face-up and destroyed by battle. Being face-down will not change this or prevent the effect from activating.

Do you control a monster if its face down?

Wiki Targeted (Games) Only a card’s controller can look at it while it is face-down. Unless otherwise specified, players can only use monsters they control as Tributes, Synchro Materials or Xyz Materials.

What can you do with celfon in morphtronic?

“Celfon” can be used in addition to the variety of effects that revive “Morphtronic” monsters from the graveyard, such as ” Repair Unit ” and ” Junk Box “, to easily get the required monsters onto the field. If “Celfon” is unavailable for whatever reason, ” Smartfon ” can easily take its place,…

When do morphtronic monsters check their battle position?

However, “Morphtronic” monsters check their battle position upon effect activation, not resolution, so the effect will still apply as normal. As most good “Morphtronic” monsters are Machine monsters, ” System Down ” is an extremely powerful counter to the deck, especially due to its reliance on revival effects.

What kind of strategy is morphtronic in RuneScape?

A common strategy is the “Morphtronic” Direct Attack OTK. This strategy focuses on getting ” Radion “, ” Boomboxen “, ” Boarden ” and ” Celfon ” together on the field in Attack Position.

What happens if you use skill drain on morphtronic vacuumen?

Morphtronic Vacuumen: If Skill Drain is activated while a monster is equipped to Morphtronic Vacuumen, the equipped monster is destroyed. Power Supplier: If ” Skill Drain ” is activated, monsters targeted by ” Power Supplier ” lose the +400 ATK.