What happens when Scrooge asks the Phantom if he is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come?

What happens when Scrooge asks the Phantom if he is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come?

Scrooge involuntarily kneels before him and asks if he is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. The phantom does not answer, and Scrooge squirms in terror. Appalled, Scrooge clutches at the spirit and begs him to undo the events of his nightmarish vision.

How does Scrooge react to seeing their attitude towards this man’s death?

In A Christmas Carol, Scrooge reacts to Tiny Tim’s death with great sadness, particularly as he considers the uncaring words he has spoken about the poor. Scrooge has previously refused to donate to charities to help the poor, believing that they should die and lessen the tax burden on himself and others.

Why does the Ghost take Scrooge to see the Deadman?

No one cares that this man has died, and the thieves have so little respect that they have stolen the clothes from his corpse. In contrast, the Ghost then takes Scrooge to see the Cratchits who are deeply upset because Tiny Tim has died.

What does the phantom show Scrooge?

Next the Ghost takes him to the Cratchit household where Scrooge is upset to realise that Tiny Tim has died. Finally the Ghost shows him a tombstone engraved with the name: Ebenezer Scrooge. Clutching at the spirit’s robes, Scrooge pledges to change his ways if he can avoid this solitary death.

What does the spirit finally reveal to Scrooge?

What does Scrooges question to the spirit reveal? The ghost brings Scrooge to see a couple. They are glad that a man is dead because they have extra time now to pay the debt they owe.

How does Scrooge react when he finds out Tiny Tim will die?

Scrooge is deeply affected when he learns of Tiny Tim’s death, and devastated when he realizes the man whose lonely life he has been seeing is his own. By the time the last ghost comes for Scrooge, he considers himself a changed man. The ghosts want to make sure that their lessons stick, however.