What happens to the money Walter invests in the liquor store?

What happens to the money Walter invests in the liquor store?

Lindner, from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association, to offer the Youngers money in return for staying away. The Youngers refuse the deal, even after Walter loses the rest of the money ($6,500) to his friend Willy Harris, who persuades Walter to invest in the liquor store and then runs off with his cash.

How does Walter lose the insurance money?

How does Walter lose the insurance money? Walter loses the insurance money to Willy, a crook that he mistakes for a friend. Mama entrusts Walter with all the money that remains after the down payment on the new house.

Who gives Walter the money?

Lena gives Walter the $6500 that is left after she puts a $3500 payment down on her house because she wants him to know that she trusts him and will empower him.

What was the name of the man who tells Walter Lee that the money he put in for the liquor store is gone?

Never appearing onstage, Willy Harris is Walter Lee’s supposed friend and business partner. Willy Harris swindles Walter Lee and Bobo out of their investments in the liquor store, disappearing with the money and leaving Walter in a state of despair and financial ruin.

Why does Walter want an insurance check?

Answer Expert Verified From the story,Walter wants to invest the entire insurance money which Mama just got to a liquor business to two of his friends. Walter wants to pursue the business because he is desperate to become a better provider for the entire family.

Does Walter love Ruth?

Walter and Ruth have a difficult relationship and are not happily married to each other throughout the play. Their love has grown cold over the years and their financial struggles have taken a toll on their relationship. Ruth loves her husband and realizes that she cannot give Walter what he needs to make him happy.

Why does Walter want to take Lindner’s money?

Walter’s statement also reveals how deeply he believes that money is the sole key to his future. Walter reasons that in a selfish world, only the takers succeed. At this point in the play, Walter has hit rock bottom. He has failed his family and, as a way to make things better, is considering taking Lindner’s money.

What does Willie do with the money Walter Lee and Bobo give to him?

What does Willie do with the money Walter Lee and Bobo give to him? He goes downtown and purchases a liquor license. He leaves town with all of their money. He meets Walter Lee and Bobo at a bar and tells them he just bought it. He opens a liquor store.

What did Walter Lee give Linder for not taking the check?

Walter Lee has no pride if he takes the money from Linder. She is glad the check from Mr. Linder will make them rich. Walter Lee should leave and never come back. They have more money than her ancestors because of the insurance check. 15. What is one reason Walter Lee gives Linder for not taking the check?

What did Walter do with the insurance money?

At the beginning of the play Walter elaborates on his plan and encourages his wife Ruth to influence Mama into giving him a portion of the insurance money. He wants to use it as seed money to start his business endeavors. Walter offers Ruth instructions on how to propose his plan to Mama and convince her to invest in his dream by saying,