What happens in chapter 2 of Tale of Two Cities?

What happens in chapter 2 of Tale of Two Cities?

Book 1, Chapter 2 of A Tale of Two Cities, titled ‘The Mail’, focuses on a mail coach that is on the Dover road. A messenger delivers a letter to the London banker Jarvis Lorry, a passenger in the mail coach, who sends back the mysterious message ‘Recalled to Life. ‘

What are the major themes of a tale of two cities?


  • The Ever-Present Possibility of Resurrection. With A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens asserts his belief in the possibility of resurrection and transformation, both on a personal level and on a societal level.
  • The Necessity of Sacrifice.
  • The Tendency Toward Violence and Oppression in Revolutionaries.
  • Sacrifice.
  • Class.

    What does the grindstone symbolize in A Tale of Two Cities?

    Grindstone: The grindstone, used to sharpen weapons, symbolizes the growing maniacal blood thirst of the revolutionaries. As they sharpen their blood-soaked weapons, they become oppressors, just like those they fight against.

    Who is the messenger in A Tale of Two Cities?

    The rider, Jerry, is a messenger from Tellson’s Bank in London, and he has a message for one of the passengers, Mr. Jarvis Lorry, an employee of the bank.

    What are the major themes of A Tale of Two Cities?

    What happens in A Tale of Two Cities?

    The peasants in Paris storm the Bastille and the French Revolution begins. The revolutionaries murder aristocrats in the streets, and Gabelle, a man charged with the maintenance of the Evrémonde estate, is imprisoned. Three years later, he writes to Darnay, asking to be rescued.

    Why is Manette Mad in A Tale of Two Cities?

    Driven mad by eighteen years in the Bastille, Manette spends all of his time making shoes, a hobby he learned while in prison. Lorry assures Lucie that her love and devotion can recall her father to life, and indeed they do.

    Who is Jerry Cruncher in Tale of Two cities?

    A Tale of Two Cities The year is 1775, and social ills plague both France and England. Jerry Cruncher, an odd-job man who works for Tellson’s Bank, stops the Dover mail-coach with an urgent message for Jarvis Lorry. The message instructs Lorry to wait at Dover for a young woman, and Lorry responds with the cryptic words, “Recalled to Life.”

    Why does Carton despise Darnay in A Tale of Two Cities?

    Lucie and Doctor Manette watched the court proceedings, and that night, Carton escorts Darnay to a tavern and asks how it feels to receive the sympathy of a woman like Lucie. Carton despises and resents Darnay because he reminds him of all that he himself has given up and might have been.