What happened to Rufus in a raisin in the sun?

What happened to Rufus in a raisin in the sun?

In Act III of A Raisin in the Sun, Beneatha reveals to Asagai the original reason she wanted to become a doctor. She tells him about seeing a young boy named Rufus who had a sledding accident–he crashed and broke some bones and had a large cut on his face.

What surprising decision does Walter?

What surprising decision does Walter make when Mr. Lindner arrive? He rejects his offer and decide to move into Clybourne Park.

Why does beneatha decide to become a doctor about her character?

She struggles to keep hope in her dreams of becoming a doctor when her brother loses the money for her to attend medical school, and she wanted to become a doctor because she cares about people and wants to heal them.

Who says who even cares about you to Ruth?

Once alone together, Walter and Ruth commence arguing about Willy Harris and Walter’s unfulfilled dreams. Ruth wants him to stop arguing with her, and he responds by saying, “Who even cares about you?” which is hurtful. Ruth tells him they have grown apart and apologizes for the new baby that they have to deal with.

Why is Ruth so upset with Mama?

Beneatha and Mama are busy doing weekend housecleaning when Ruth comes in, announcing sadly that she is pregnant. Mama is upset when she realizes that Ruth is contemplating an abortion. Joseph Asagai brings Beneatha a gift of African records and some Nigerian robes.

What does Mr. Lindner symbolize?

Lindner represents the white majority that controlled the country. He also represents the racism of the white majority that segregated America (officially and unofficially) and helped to perpetuate the cycle of poverty which many African-American families had been caught in since the time of slavery.

Is Ruth pregnant in A Raisin in the Sun?

Ruth returns from seeing a doctor, who has told her that she is two months pregnant. She reveals this information to Mama and Beneatha.