What happened to Lee Tergesen?

What happened to Lee Tergesen?

He was injured on a set. Lee has a permanent injury from an incident that occurred while he was filming a scene for “Oz.” The incident happened in 1997. He was banging his hands on the prison bars while playing the role of Tobias Beecher on the show and he got a little too carried away.

How much is Lee Tergesen worth?

Lee Tergesen net worth and salary: Lee Tergesen is an American actor who has a net worth of $3 million. Lee Tergesen is perhaps best known for his work on the HBO prison drama, Oz. He is also known for playing Evan Wright in Generation Kill and for making many guest starring appearances in TV and film.

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Is Lee Tergesen married?

Lee Tergesen/Has Current Partner

How tall is Lee Tergesen?

1,8 m
Lee Tergesen/Height

How old is Lee Tergesen?

Lee Allen Tergesen (/ˈtɜːrɡəsən/; born July 8, 1965) is an American actor….

Lee Tergesen
Born Lee Allen Tergesen July 8, 1965 Ivoryton, Connecticut, U.S.
Years active 1980–present

Who plays Beecher on Oz?

Lee TergesenOz
Tobias Beecher/Played by

How much is Dean Winters worth?

Dean Winters net worth and salary: Dean Winters is an American actor who has a net worth of $5 million. Dean Winters first became famous after appearing as the character Ryan O’Reily on HBO’s Oz. He has also portrayed Johnny Gavin on FX Network’s Rescue Me and as Dennis Duffy on NBC’s 30 Rock.

Who plays Sully on Rescue Me?

Lee Tergesen played a firefighter named Sully in the first three episodes of the second season of the FX cable TV show “Rescue Me.” The show’s star and co-creator, Denis Leary, plays firefighter Tommy Gavin.

Who plays Beecher?

Who plays McMillan?

Lee Allen Tergesen
Lee Allen Tergesen (/ˈtɜːrɡəsən/; born July 8, 1965) is an American actor….Television.

Year 2006
Title Desperate Housewives
Role Peter McMillan
Notes Guest role (season 2)

Did Schillinger kill Beecher wife?

Later, Beecher receives word that his wife has killed herself; Schillinger brags that the Aryans actually killed her and staged the death as a suicide.

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What episode does Tommy Gavin’s son die?

“Rescue Me” overstepped its cliffhanger on last season’s finale, and let the hanging hero drop. Connor had just died: the little sugarpie son of Denis Leary’s enraged firefighter Tommy Gavin had been hit by a drunk driver and become yet another creature that Tommy couldn’t save. Connor’s dead.

How did Vern Schillinger die?

Vernon Schillinger was also Ryan O’Reily’s main antagonist in Season 3. Portrayed by J.K….

Vernon Schillinger
First appearance “The Routine” (episode 1.01)
Last appearance “Exeunt Omnes” (episode 6.08)
Reason/Cause Killed by Tobias Beecher

Who killed beechers wife?

Beecher wasn’t cheating on his wife: She was killed by Schillinger’s Aryan pals on the outside in season two.

Why did Beecher go back to jail?

Beecher is paroled, inherits his father’s law firm, and gets Keller’s sentence overturned. However, Beecher is sent back to prison after a lonely Keller arranges for him to get caught buying drugs. Upon returning to Oz, Beecher severs ties with Keller.

Who killed Beecher’s wife?