What happened to Geri from Facts of Life?

What happened to Geri from Facts of Life?

She was the first disabled actor to have a recurring role on a TV series;. She was on The Facts of Life for twelve episodes and her contract ended in 1984. Not only was Jewell fired from The Facts of Life, but her then-manager was also arrested for embezzlement and securities fraud.

What happened on the last episode of Facts of Life?

September 13, 1988
The Facts of Life/Final episode date

What happened on the last episode of The Facts of Life?

How old is Geri Jewell in real life?

Geri Jewell was born on September 13, 1956 in Buffalo, New York, USA as Geraldine Ann Jewell. She is an actress and writer, known for (2004), (1979) and (1987). She was previously married to Richard Pimentel.. Born on , , Geri hails from , , . As in 2020, Geri Jewell‘s age is * years. Check below for more deets about Geri Jewell.

Where was Geraldine Ann Jewell born and raised?

As she tells it, having Cerebral Palsy in Hollywood is about, as Carol Burnett said, putting one foot in front of the other. Geraldine Ann Jewell was born three months premature on September 13, 1956 in Buffalo, New York, but her parents, Olga and Jack, moved her to Orange County, California, when she was young.

Where did Geri Jewell go to elementary school?

After her diagnosis of cerebral palsy, Jewell and her family moved to Orange County, California so that she could have access to better care as well as schools that could accommodate her needs. Jewell attended a private school for children with cerebral palsy and remained there through first grade.

When did Geri Jewell write her first book?

Jewell’s original autobiography, Geri, published in 1984, talked about her personal and professional life. It did help children get comfortable dealing with a person who has a disability, and taught them the value of a good sense of humor, so I’m not going to knock the whole book.