What happened to Francesco Totti?

What happened to Francesco Totti?

Totti retired in 2017 after his relationship with Roma coach Luciano Spalletti collapsed. Francesco Totti says he was forced to retire and reveals he has two regrets about his career. “I knew I had to retire. One must be realist,” Totti said in an interview with Il Corriere della Sera newspaper.

Is Totti an Italian name?

Totti meaning | Last name Totti origin Totti is used as a family name or surname in Italy languages. Totti has 5 characters long in length. Totti is common in Italy country(ies).

Is Francesco Totti good?

His best skill by far is his passing, but he also has wonderful control, a sublime first touch, a rocket shot, incredible vision and good conditioning. He is a great free kick and penalty taker, but he is not fast, he can be reckless and he is not a great tackler. He also has incredible longevity.

Why did Totti leaving Roma?

I stepped aside because you can’t have too many people sticking their oar in and causing chaos.” Totti’s love for Roma was one of football’s longest enduring romances and a reminder of why we loved the game. His passion for the club was evident when he made his goodbye speech in 2017.

Who is the world’s richest footballer?

Faiq Bolkiah
Faiq Bolkiah: ‘The world’s richest footballer’ – The Athletic.

What does the name Totti mean?

Totti Means. Thanks! Wiktionary. < diminutive of the Finnish male given name Torsti < Swedish Torsten < Thors sten (“Thor’s stone”) < Thor, the Norse god of thunder, one of the æsir) A male given name.

When was Totti born?

September 27, 1976 (age 44 years)
Francesco Totti/Fecha de nacimiento
Francesco Totti was born on 27 September 1976 in Rome, Italy to Lorenzo Totti and his wife Fiorella Totti.

Who is better Totti or Baggio?

Totti is more naturally talented, more creative, better goal scorer, better at penalties (LOL) and a better passer. Baggio has the edge on dribbling.

What age is Totti?

44 years (September 27, 1976)
Francesco Totti/Edad

Is Totti retired?

July 17, 2017
Francesco Totti/Fin de su carrera

Why is Francesco Totti famous?

A creative offensive playmaker renowned for his vision, technique, and goalscoring ability, Totti is considered to be one of the greatest Italian players of all time and Roma’s greatest player ever.

How old is Pirlo footballer?

42 years (May 19, 1979)
Andrea Pirlo/Edad