What happened to Dave Lee Travis?

What happened to Dave Lee Travis?

Speaking to the Mirror, Travis announced his return to radio, fronting a two-hour weekend show on the digital station United DJs Radio, starting this March. “I had a great broadcasting career and now it’s come to this point where I’m about to dip my toe back in the water again,” he told the publication.

Is Dave Lee Travis married?

Marianne Griffinm. 1971
Dave Lee Travis/Cónyuge

When did Dave Lee Travis leave radio1?

In 1993, he resigned from his Radio 1 show live on air. He said changes being made at the station, which had a new controller, were against his principles. Travis remained a media personality after his departure from Radio 1 and went on to present shows on other stations including Classic Gold and Magic AM.

What song did Dave Lee Travis sing?

“Convoy G.B.” was recorded by Laurie Lingo and the Dipsticks, who were actually BBC Radio 1 DJs Dave Lee Travis and Paul Burnett. The song was released in early 1976, and reportedly reached number 4 on the British pop chart.

Why did DLT leave radio1?

On-air resignation. On 8 August 1993, Travis resigned on-air during his Sunday morning show, stating that he could not agree with changes that were being made to Radio 1.

How old is Steve Wright?

66 years (August 26, 1954)
Steve Wright/Edad

Who used to say hello pop pickers?

Former BBC DJ Alan “Fluff” Freeman, the man who coined the catchphrase “Greetings, pop pickers”, has died. The 79 year-old, born in Melbourne in 1927, came to the UK in 1957 and began working for the BBC in 1960.

Who is covering for Steve Wright?

Scott Mills
Scott Mills will be covering for Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2 when he takes a week off later this month. Scott has been on the station in the past hosting specials, and has also covered Rylan and Claudia Winkleman but this will be his first stint covering weekday afternoons.

Who is standing in for Steve Wright?

Who said pop pickers?

Freeman died peacefully at his Brinsworth House home in Twickenham, London, yesterday, after a brief illness. Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1927, he came to Britain in 1957 and enjoyed almost 50 years in the industry. He coined the phrase “pop pickers” in 1961 and described rock music fans as “music lovers”.

Why is Scott Mill on radio2?

When asked about Scott broadcasting on both stations on the same day, a spokesperson told RadioToday: “Scott is the right talent to present a special Bank Holiday show for Radio 2 on songs that only became a hit after they were remixed.” …