What happened to Chone Figgins?

What happened to Chone Figgins?

Chone Figgins retires as member of Angels: They put me in position to succeed. Chone Figgins tallied 1,045 hits, 596 runs and 290 stolen bases, plus a 2009 All-Star Game appearance, during his Angels tenure (2002-09). Chone Figgins is very busy keeping up with his 10-month-old son.

Where does Chone Figgins live?

I changed as a player.” Now, Figgins, 38, is content to stay home in Florida with his wife and 10-month old son.

Is Chone Figgins a Hall of Famer?

Versatile Figgins retires ANAHEIM — The 2020 Hall of Fame ballot was released on Monday and it includes several players who played with the Angels, including Chone Figgins, Bobby Abreu and Raul Ibanez, as well as current special assistant Eric Chavez.

How tall is Garrett Anderson?

Garret Anderson

High School: Kennedy High School (Granada Hills, CA)
Height: 6-03 190
First Game: 07-27-1994 (Age 22)
Last Game: 08-06-2010
Draft: 1990 : 4th Round (123rd)

Who is the principal in glee?

Iqbal Theba
Iqbal Theba (pronounced /ˈɪkbɑːl ˈteɪbə/; born December 20, 1963) is a Pakistani actor. Theba is best known for his recurring role as Principal Figgins in the show Glee.

How old is Garrett Anderson?

49 years (June 30, 1972)
Garret Anderson/Age

What team did Garrett Anderson play for?

Garret Joseph Anderson (born June 30, 1972) is an American former professional baseball left fielder. He played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the California / Anaheim Angels / Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim, Atlanta Braves, and Los Angeles Dodgers between 1994 and 2010.

How old is Pierre?

44 years (August 14, 1977)
Juan Pierre/Age

Where is Juan Pierre now?

Former Marlins standout Juan Pierre returning to Miami as minor league outfield coordinator. The leadoff hitter for the 2003 World Series team and a fan favorite throughout his time in South Florida, Juan Pierre is officially re-joining the Marlins organization.