What happened to Alice in A Christmas Carol?

What happened to Alice in A Christmas Carol?

She dies after giving birth to the nephew whom Ebenezer resents as his father resented him. It is this nephew whom he later treats harshly despite Fan’s dying wish that he take care of her son (a wish he may or may not have heard). And we see Scrooge “cut” an identified man at the death scene, presumably Fan’s husband.

Does Scrooge get back with Belle?

In the movie, she’s a nurse, but does not marry another man and have children with him after breaking up with Scrooge. She reunites her friendship with him after he encountered Jacob Marley’s ghost and the three spirits.

Why does Scrooge say Remove me?

Why does Scrooge say, “Remove me”? He hates the image he is being shown.

What happened to Ebenezer Scrooge’s wife?

A beautiful woman who Scrooge loved deeply when he was a young man. Belle broke off their engagement after Scrooge became consumed with greed and the lust for wealth.

Did Scrooge’s mother died in childbirth?

The same reason, that Ebenezer’s birth meant the death of his mother. But in this version, Scrooge is quite older than Fran. Therefore, Ebenezer didn’t cause the death of his mother since he was older than Fran. That means the anger Ebby’s father has for him can’t be because his birth caused his mother’s death.

Why did Belle break up with Scrooge?

In A Christmas Carol, Belle breaks up with Scrooge because he has become obsessed with money. Belle goes on to communicate that she knows, if he had a choice now, Scrooge would never get engaged to a dowerless [meaning she brings no money to the marriage] girl like herself.

Why did Belle break off her engagement with Scrooge?

Belle breaks their engagement because she says Scrooge loves money more than he loves her. The Ghost shows Scrooge that Belle has married someone else and has a loving family and a happy life. Scrooge is upset by seeing this and presses the cap down on the Ghost’s head to hide its light.

Who was Scrooge’s lost true love?

Brian Herdon is Scrooge, who finds love, again, with his long lost Belle (Jenny Veilleux) in “Scrooge in Love.”

How did Julia and Alice get back together?

But accidentally, they met Alice’s shade and Julia takes it with her insted of hers own. Then, with the help of Mykovski, they revived Alice but she no more herself. She was in hell lot of anger to bring her back while she was free out of niffin with more powers than as a human. She kind of hated Quentin for this.

Why did Alice go to Penny in the magicians?

Alice did, however, go to Penny when Quentin cheated on her early in the series. She asked Penny for a no strings attached hookup simply to get back at Quentin. Penny was accommodating, but the entire situation was strange since they barely spoke.

Is there a relationship between Penny and Alice?

Other relationships are so full of dysfunction and toxicity that the characters probably should never have been together in the first place. Penny and Alice don’t really have a romantic relationship. In fact, they don’t even really have a ton of interactions in the series as a whole.

How did Quentin Coldwater and Alice get back together?

To take the revenge, Alice ended up in bed with Penny. Unfortunately, they both were heartbroken. But, to fight the final battle with Martin Chatwin, Quentin needed God-like powers and when he got it, he offers it to Alice because for him, she was the real hero and also said that he loves her.