What guitar does John Petrucci use?

What guitar does John Petrucci use?

Ernie Ball Music Man guitars
John uses signature Ernie Ball Music Man guitars and Taylor acoustic guitars.

What tuning does John Petrucci use?

Baritone Tunings Petrucci is also well-known for his use of baritone guitars in-studio and live.

What kind of delay does John Petrucci use?

TC Electronic Flashback
The Delay he uses is the TC Electronic Flashback, which our Kris plays in the video together with Petrucci’s “Aurora” Toneprint.

Does Petrucci economy pick?

John Petrucci doesn’t use economy picking, he uses strictly alternate picking, and Malmsteen, like me and many other guitarists, uses a mixture of economy and alternate picking.

What is downward pick slanting?

Downward pickslanting, or DWPS, is a picking orientation where the pick slants toward the floor. Its primary use is to ensure smooth pick attack during USX motion. In a USX picking motion, the pick does not move parallel with the strings, but instead along a diagonal pathway where upstrokes move into the escape zone.

What gauge does Petrucci use?

From that, I know that when he tunes to standard tuning, he uses a hybrid 9 guage (9-46) where the lightest 3 strings are basically from a 9 gauge pack and the lower 3 strings are from a standard 10 gauge pack.

What gauge strings does Satriani use?

Until 2009 world famous rock guitarist “Joe Satriani” played gauge “9 – 42.” However, Once he started playing with Chickenfoot, (they performed their songs dropped down a half step), Joe said that the 9-gauge strings just got too floppy so he decided to move up to 10s.

What is the scale length of a baritone guitar?

around 27″
A stringed instrument that features a scale length and tuning between a standard guitar and a bass guitar. Baritones are 6-string fretted instruments usually tuned B, E, A, D, F#, B (with the 5th string E matching the 6th string E on a standard guitar), with a scale length of around 27″.

What amp did John Petrucci use on images and words?

Amplifiers. Petrucci is pretty much the poster boy for Mesa/Boogie amplifiers. He changes his rig around for each studio album and tour, but it’s always, always Mesa/Boogie based. For Dream Theater’s first two albums (When Dream and Day Unite and Images and Words) and their tours, he used a Triaxis/2:90 rack rig.

What kind of guitar does John Petrucci play?

“We get into the seven-strings, which is the exact same guitar [as the JP11] but with an extra string. Same color, same neck, same everything. The gauge is the same as the standard except it’s got a .56 for the low B,” says John Petrucci’s guitar tech.

What kind of cable does John Petrucci use?

“John wants the neck as flat as possible. What I do is I use the little StewM… more Dunlop John Petrucci JP Sheild Jazz III Guitar Pi… What kind of Cables does John Petrucci use? Mogami Gold High-Definition Neutrik 1/4” Straight… “Everything’s a cable. We run a stereo cable or a tip-ring sleeve cable for t… more

What kind of effects pedals does John Petrucci use?

“Through the interface we then hit the input of the Mark V on top and that’s more What kind of Effects Pedals does John Petrucci use? “The Ernie Ball volume pedal is actually a control pedal for the Axe-FX II fo… more “We’re using Axcess Electronics so here is the old, trusty FX I.

What kind of studio monitors does John Petrucci use?

“We use a pair of Shure Ribbon 313s, one on each cabinet. It kind of adds a l… more What kind of Studio Monitors does John Petrucci use?