What good things does Scrooge do?

What good things does Scrooge do?

Scrooge, grateful for a second chance at his life, sings the praises of the spirits and of Jacob Marley. As time passes, Scrooge is as good as his word: He helps the Cratchits and becomes a second father to Tiny Tim who does not die as predicted in the ghost’s ominous vision. …

How Scrooge spend Christmas Eve?

A mean-spirited, miserly old man named Ebenezer Scrooge sits in his counting-house on a frigid Christmas Eve. His clerk, Bob Cratchit, shivers in the anteroom because Scrooge refuses to spend money on heating coals for a fire. Scrooge reacts to the holiday visitors with bitterness and venom, spitting out an angry “Bah!

What does Scrooge do on Christmas Day that surprises his nephew Fred react?

How does Scrooge React to Nephew Fred’s Invite? Scrooge says he believes Christmas is a wasteful time of year.. Bah Humbug! Keep Christmas in your own way, and let me keep it in mine.

What does Scrooge do to show that he’s a changed man?

Not only is Scrooge buying the goose for his clerk’s family, he is arranging to do it anonymously. These events alone show a marked difference from the man he was in Staves 1-4. Scrooge traverses the streets, exchanging pleasantries with strangers, and encounters the charity collector from Stave 1.

What does Ebenezer Scrooge do on Christmas Day?

Ebenezer Scrooge has a busy Christmas Day in stave 5, “The End Of It,” in Charles Dickens ‘s classic novella A Christmas Carol.

Who is the ghost of Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge leaves his office on Christmas Eve. He feels a cold coming on as he approaches his cold, dark house. It is here that he encounters the ghost of Jacob Marley, his former business partner. Marley’s Ghost has come to warn Scrooge that the way he lives his life will lead to regrets once his days are over.

Why did Scrooge not want to go to Christmas dinner?

His status is of his own choosing, however, for his nephew virtually pleads with Scrooge to join his family for Christmas dinner. Scrooge’s own depression and loneliness may lie behind his dislike of the holiday.

What does Scrooge say on the day of Marley’s funeral?

Scrooge wakes the following morning and asks the child on the street what day is it. The child informs him that it is Christmas day. Scrooge remarks that the spirits did it all in one night. Why did Marley say it would take three nights yet the spirits only took one?