What Ghost takes Scrooge to the future?

What Ghost takes Scrooge to the future?

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, also known as the Ghost of Christmas Future or Ghost of the Future, is a major character in the live-action adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol. It appears to Ebenezer Scrooge to predict what happens to life in the future if he stays the way he is.

Where does the Ghost of past take Scrooge?

The ghost transports Scrooge to the countryside where he was raised. He sees his old school, his childhood mates, and familiar landmarks of his youth.

How did the Ghost leave Scrooge?

The only ghost Scrooge attempts to vanquish is the Ghost of Christmas Past, and he attempts to get rid of it by placing the “extinguisher” over the top of it and pressing it down to the ground, “but though Scrooge pressed it down with all his force, he could not hide the light; which streamed from under it.” This image …

What did the second Ghost do to Scrooge?

In A Christmas Carol, the second ghost that visits Ebenezer Scrooge represents the present, and is known as the Ghost of Christmas Present. It is his job to show how others are celebrating Christmas that night.

What is Scrooge’s biggest fear?

Scrooge feared the silent shape so much that his legs trembled beneath him, and he found that he could hardly stand when he prepared to follow it. The presence of this ghost makes Scrooge afraid. His trembling legs and inability to stand firm show how he is worried about the future that the ghost will show him.

Where did the Ghost took Scrooge?

The Ghost of Christmas Present first takes Scrooge through the streets of London, then on to Bob Cratchit’s house. After that, they go to a mining camp and then to a ship at sea. Next the spirit takes Scrooge to Scrooge’s nephew’s house.

Who was the second Ghost to visit Scrooge?

What are Scrooge’s fears?

Where does the ghost of Christmas Past take Scrooge?

“I am the Ghost of Christmas Past. Rise and come with me.” The ghost took Scrooge back in time, to a place where Scrooge was a boy. There Scrooge could see his younger self playing with other children. They were cheerfully running around the Christmas tree; and although they were poor, they had lots of fun.

Why did Marley send Scrooge back to Christmas Past?

Jacob Marley regrets not doing all the things he could have in life, but Scrooge is yet to realise why he needs to change. The first ghost that is sent by Marley is the ghost of Christmas past. The ghost takes Scrooge back in time to where Scrooge was born and raised.

How did Scrooge get back to his own bed?

Quite alone in the world, I do believe.” “Spirit,” said Scrooge in a broken voice, “Take me back! I cannot bear it any longer.” He struggled with the ghost to take him back. And finally Scrooge found himself in his own bed again. He was very exhausted and sank into a heavy sleep.

Who was Scrooge’s friend in A Christmas Carol?

Jacob Marley was his partner in life, and even though their relationship was for business only, he was Scrooge’s only friend. In regret from his own life, Marley and the Three Ghosts of Christmas change Scrooge’s attitude towards life. Jacob Marley was much like Scrooge in his life.