What event was George Takei involved in?

What event was George Takei involved in?

Day of Remembrance Event
Join George Takei for a Day of Remembrance event at your public library. Seventy-nine years ago, Executive Order 9066 paved the way to the profound violation of constitutional rights that resulted in the forced removal and incarceration of 120,000 Japanese Americans.

Who is George Takei married to?

Brad Takeim. 2008
George Takei/Spouse

How did George Takei become famous?

George Takei overcame the racial barriers of his time to launch a successful acting career. He starred as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu during the three-year television run of Star Trek, and later reprised the role for six movies.

How tall is George Takei?

1.73 m
George Takei/Height

Who was George Takei named after?

But why did this Japanese-American man decide to name his two sons after British royals? In the 2014 documentary To Be Takei, Takei reveals that it was because his father was a major Anglophile. Takei apparently harbors an inexplicable affinity for the United Kingdom himself.

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Is Mr Sulu still alive?

He has been a vocal advocate of the rights of immigrants, in part through his work on the 2012 Broadway show Allegiance about the internment experience….

George Takei
Education University of California, Berkeley University of California, Los Angeles (BA, MA)
Occupation Actor author activist
Years active 1955–present

Where is George Takei now?

Takei currently serves as a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign “Coming Out Project”.

How tall is Nimoy?

1.83 m
Leonard Nimoy/Height

Can George Takei speak Japanese?

Although born in California, he learned Japanese at an early age. “I do speak Japanese fluently,” said Takei.

Is George Takei from Star Trek alive?

“We had no idea that this phenomenon of Star Trek conventions would follow.” Now, Takei is one of only four original cast members still alive, along with William Shatner (Capt.