What episode does Harley Quinn appear in Batman: The Animated Series?

What episode does Harley Quinn appear in Batman: The Animated Series?

Joker’s Favor
Harley Quinn is a character first featured in the show Batman: The Animated Series. She first appears in the episode “Joker’s Favor” and has frequently appeared ever since. She is The Joker’s henchwoman, girlfriend, and previously his psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum.

How many episodes of Batman: The Animated Series is Harley Quinn in?

Harley Quinn (TV series)

Harley Quinn
Original language English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26

Which Batman has Harley Quinn?

Harley Quinn is introduced to the Batman: The Brave and the Bold series in the episode “Emperor Joker”.

When did Harley Quinn first appear in Batman: The Animated Series?

September 1992
Harley Quinn was meant to be nothing more than a one-episode character when she made her debut on Batman: The Animated Series in September 1992.

Is Harley Quinn Cancelled?

Adult animated series Harley Quinn has been renewed for a third season — but not on DC Universe. The third season will premiere on HBO Max with the announcement Friday that DC Universe is moving out of scripted original series and will transition solely to comic book subscription service DC Universe Infinite.

Who was Joker’s first girlfriend?

Harley Quinn
While the new series follows her upcoming trial after being arrested after Joker War, Punchline #1 reveals that Punchline’s obsession with the Joker began years ago… perhaps even before Harley Quinn became Joker’s first girlfriend.

Who plays Joker’s girlfriend in Suicide Squad?

Margot Elise Robbie

Margot Robbie
Born Margot Elise Robbie 2 July 1990 Dalby, Queensland, Australia
Education Somerset College
Occupation Actress producer
Years active 2008–present

Did Harley Quinn have a baby?

Harley reveals to Black Canary that she has a four-year-old daughter named Lucy who is being raised by her sister. After discovering she was pregnant, Harley left the Joker for almost a year to have their baby, instead of abortion. As a young child, Lucy liked to put tutus on her toy cars, much to Harley’s amusement.

How did Harley Quinn go crazy?

In 2011’s Suicide Squad comic series, Harley Quinn got a new, expanded origin story in which The Joker tosses the psychiatrist, struggling against him, into a vat of acid, which dyed her skin white and also made her insane.

Did Batman kill Harley?

In the end of the film, Batman informs the Joker that Harley Quinn died in his arms.

Who is Joker’s girlfriend persona5?

Ann Takamaki
Ann Takamaki (高巻 杏, Takamaki An, Anne in the Japanese version), using the Phantom Thief codename “Panther”, is a one-quarter-American girl in Joker’s class who recently returned to Japan. She speaks English fluently, and is a model.

Who is Joker’s new girlfriend?

Joker’s New Girlfriend Punchline’s Killer Origin Revealed. DC Comics has finally revealed the killer origin of Punchline, the Joker’s new girlfriend.