What does Walter want Beneatha?

What does Walter want Beneatha?

Walter has confirmed his family’s distrust of his judgment. As he has determined to become the man of the family, despite the loss of his dream, he sees Beneatha as the hope of their future. He gains a pride in her and determines that her dream of becoming a doctor must come true.

Why does Walter argue Beneatha?

Why do Walter and Beneatha argue? Why is the topic of their argument important to the play? They argue about what Mama should do with the 10,000 dollars that she is about to get. Walter wants it for his liquor store, but Benetha says Mama can do whatever she wants with it.

What does Walter do when Beneatha attacks him?

What is Walter doing while Beneatha is verbally attacking him? Walter ignores Beneatha and is looking for the card with Mr. Lindner’s number on it. He rushes out the door when he finds it.

Is Walter jealous of Beneatha?

Beneatha wants to become a female doctor. Walter is jealous of his sister because he believes his mother will think his dream is a waist compared to hers. Mama gives in to Walter after buying the house but asks him to put some of the money away for Beneatha’s education.

Why does George say goodbye Prometheus?

Why does George say “Goodbye Prometheus”? Refer to term allusion. In this context, George calls Walter Prometheus as an insult. Prometheus is a mythological figure from Greek mythology who is punished for bringing fire to the mortals by Zeus.

What does Walter want Beneatha instead of becoming a doctor?

Walter dream is to open up a liquor store so he will not have to comply to others demands anymore and spend money freely as he sees rich white men in store do. Beneatha’s dream is to get an education, to become a doctor. Walter needs to money to buy a liquor store and make an investment.

Why is Walter is jealous of George?

Walter attacks George by making fun of his attire and “faggoty white shoes” in a desperate attempt to undermine him and his education. Walter was not a “scholar” himself so he is jealous of his skills and his ability to travel the world even making up a lie saying he has been to New York too when clearly, he has not.

Why does Walter get upset when they are talking about the money?

Walter is upset that his mother is using their money to send Beneatha to college while he isn’t allowed to pursue his own dreams. When Ruth tells her to take a vacation, she immediately starts listing all the ways that her family can benefit from their money instead.

He wonders whether those dreams shrivel up “like a raisin in the sun.” Every member of the Younger family has a separate, individual dream—Beneatha wants to become a doctor, for example, and Walter wants to have money so that he can afford things for his family.

How does Walter feel about Beneatha?

Walter and Beneatha have a strained relationship. They quarrel constantly. Walter is upset that his mother wants to give Beneatha college money to become a doctor. He thinks Beneatha is dreaming and should have more realistic goals.

Did Walter support Beneatha’s dream?

Similar to Lena, Walter realizes the value in recognizing and supporting other people’s dreams. His attitude changes from one of rejection to acceptance by supporting Beneatha’s dream. Although Beneatha has a lofty goal, Walter demonstrates his empathy, consideration, and integrity by accepting her dream.

Why did Walter stop going to work?

Feeling depressed because his family isn’t supporting his dream, Walter refuses to go to work and even stays out drinking for three days straight.

What is the relationship between Walter and Beneatha in?

In many ways, Walter treats Beneatha like his daughter more than his sister. Only some of this paternalism relates to age, with more of it inhering in his deeply held gender biases.

Who is Beneatha in A Raisin in the Sun?

Beneatha is Walter’s sister, and is an intellectual. At 20-years-old, she attends college and is better educated then the rest of her family. She dreams of being a doctor and often struggles with her identity. Lena Younger “Mama”. Walter and Beneatha’s mother, the matriarch of the family.

What does Walter want to do with the money his fathers insurance money?

Now up your study game with Learn mode. he is a dreamer; he wants to be rich and devises a plan to acquire wealth with his friends, in particularly Willy Harris. What does Walter want to do with the money his fathers insurance money?

What is Walter’s job in A Raisin in the Sun?

What is Walter’s job chauffeur, driver What name does Ruth call the apartment? a “rat trap” What does Mama do when Beneatha says there is no God? Mama slaps her What happened to Ruth at the end of scene 1? She fainted Where is Joseph Asagai from? Nigeria What gifts does Asagai bring Beneatha? a Nigerian robe and records