What does Tom Scott do?

What does Tom Scott do?

ProgramadorComedianteApresentador de programa televisivoProdutor de televisão
Tom Scott/Profissões

Thomas Scott is an English YouTuber, educator, game show host, and web developer. He is best known for producing online videos for his YouTube channel, which mainly comprises educational videos across a range of topics including history, science, technology, and linguistics.

What is Tom Scott Worth?

Tom Scott Net Worth – $2.6 Million Tom Scott is a British comedian and YouTuber who currently lives in London. He has an estimated net worth of $2.6 million. His content on YouTube is mainly a regular series called Thins You Might Not Know and Amazing Places.

What happened to Tom Scott?

Scott suffered a stroke in 1878, limiting his ability to work. He died on May 21, 1881, and was buried at Woodlands Cemetery in Philadelphia. The railroad-based economy of the United States was overtaken by the oil boom.

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How much does Tom Scott earn?

Tom Scott earns an estimated $1.72 million a year. If a channel is monetized through ads, it earns money for every thousand video views.

What accent does Tom Scott have?

He has a very mild accent and much of his pronunciation is RP-like, so even as a native speaker it’s hard to place.

Did Tom Scott die?

May 21, 1881
Thomas Alexander Scott/Data de falecimento

Is Tom Scott a millionaire?

Tom Scott, 57, an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, has conquered the Channel Islands. This monopoly is impressive but is just a small part of Scott’s Channel Islands empire. He is everywhere. Take a simple act such as going to the pub.

Did Tom Scott Die Broke?

None of this is true. When Scott died in 1881 his Pennsylvania Railroad was one of the two largest railroads in the nation, partly because of all the business they’d gotten from John D Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company. Scott had had some financial troubles, but he was certainly not a “broken man.”

Who did Carnegie blame for Scott’s death?

So when, in 1881, Carnegie buries his mentor on a rainy day in April, he blames Rockefeller for Scott’s demise and seeks revenge. He’s now producing 10,000 tons of steel a month and making $1.5 million profits per year.

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Did Carnegie get revenge on Rockefeller?

A few years later, his lifelong mentor Thomas Scott died and Carnegie blamed JD Rockefeller for the death of his mentor and for the 1873 crash that hurt his biggest customers, the railroads. Carnegie was motivated by revenge to surpass the wealth of JD Rockefeller.

Who is richer Rockefeller or Carnegie?

Rockefeller was usurped as the richest person in the world at the turn of the century by arch rival Andrew Carnegie. His company, Carnegie Steel, was sold to JP Morgan in 1901 for $480 million, which would be equal to $14.6 billion (£11.8bn) in today’s money.

How did Carnegie get so rich?

Scottish-born Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) was an American industrialist who amassed a fortune in the steel industry then became a major philanthropist. In 1901, he sold the Carnegie Steel Company to banker John Pierpont Morgan for $480 million.