What does tinkler mean?

What does tinkler mean?

A person who makes a living by mending pots and other metal household utensils, especially on an itinerant basis; a tinker. Also (chiefly derogatory): a Gypsy or other person living in an itinerant community; a disreputable person.

Where does the name tinkler come from?

This Tinkler surname derives from the Old English word tinklere, of uncertain origin. The name is generally thought to be of occupational origin for someone who mended of pots and pans.

Is tinkerer a word?

Tinker or tinkerer is an archaic term for an itinerant tinsmith who mends household utensils.

Is Tinkler a Scrabble word?

TINKLER is a valid scrabble word.

What do you call a tinkerer?

a person who enjoys fixing and experimenting with machines and their parts. synonyms: tinker. type of: experimenter. a person who enjoys testing innovative ideas. an unskilled person who tries to fix or mend.

What do you call someone who tinkers?

Someone who repairs, or attempts repair, on anything mechanical, or who invents such devices; one who tinkers; a tinkerer.

What is tinker in Irish?

1a : a usually itinerant mender of household utensils. b : an unskillful mender : bungler. 2 chiefly Irish, sometimes offensive : romani sense 1.

What is a foreteller?

noun. A person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means: augur, auspex, diviner, haruspex, prophesier, prophet, prophetess, seer, sibyl, soothsayer, vaticinator.

How do you pronounce dabbler?

Break ‘dabbler’ down into sounds: [DAB] + [LUH] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

What is another name for a crafter?

What is another word for crafter?

craftsman artisan
artificer handicraftsman
handworker handicrafter
handcraftsman tradesman
craftsperson maker

What do Irish people call gypsies?

Irish Travellers
Religiously, the majority of Irish Travellers are Catholic, the predominant religion in the Republic of Ireland. They are one of several groups identified as “Travellers”. Although they are often referred to as “Gypsies”, Irish Travellers are not genetically related to the Romani.

What is a tinker boy?

The Tinker Boys are a blend of musicians from an assortment of backgrounds, strung together to form a highly versatile band that explores the many sides of the acoustic genre.

What do you call a person who foretells events?

Which word is used to predict the future?

What is another word for forecasting the future?

divination augury
prediction prophecy
clairvoyance divining
soothsaying foretelling
fortune-telling sortilege

What does Swotty mean?

/ (ˈswɒtɪ) / adjective. -tier or -tiest British informal given to studying hard, esp to the exclusion of other activities.