What does the girl with the doll represent in A Christmas Carol?

What does the girl with the doll represent in A Christmas Carol?

Belle’s life is chaotic, but it is so full, and she is obviously happy. Her baby and the doll are just the trappings and symbols of how different her life is from Scrooge’s and, though it is not calm by any means, it is loving and good. People care for one another and take care of each other.

What does Scrooge’s fiancée Belle imply has replaced her in their relationship?

Scrooge’s passion for Belle has been replaced by “a golden one.” She tells Scrooge that the master passion of Gain “engrosses” him; that is, the acquisition of wealth, and his love for her has lessened.

What does ignorance and want Symbolise?

Dickens uses two wretched children, called Ignorance and Want, to represent the poor. a stale and shrivelled hand, like that of age, had pinched, and twisted them, and pulled them into shreds. The Ghost tells Scrooge that the children are the responsibility of all mankind.

Who is the girl in the mourning dress in Scrooge?

In The Christmas Carol, the fair young woman in the mourning dress is Belle, Scrooge’s former fiance. Scrooge receives a glimpse of the past when the ghost of Christmas Past leads him through many pertinent scenes during his younger years.

Does odious mean hateful?

deserving or causing hatred; hateful; detestable. highly offensive; repugnant; disgusting.

Can people be odious?

Odious is from the Latin noun odium, which means hatred. It is a strong word, so don’t call someone odious unless you want to accuse someone of being loathsome or vile. Actions can also be called odious.

Why do Ignorance and Want cling to the ghost?

Dickens refers to them as ‘monsters’ and the Ghost names the boy ‘Ignorance’ and the girl ‘Want’. Dickens presents them in this impersonal way to show that they are symbolic of the problems in society. They remain in ignorance because they have no right to education, and want because nobody is looking after them.

What does knavery mean?

1a : rascality. b : a roguish or mischievous act. 2 obsolete : roguish mischief.