What does the funeral procession symbolize Christmas carol?

What does the funeral procession symbolize Christmas carol?

Greed Ebenezer Scrooge, wealth.” “At Marley’s last words a funeral procession begins to move across the stage. This funeral procession symbolizes what will happen to Scrooge. Explanation The doll that the little girl carries turns into the Ghost of Christmas Past.

What is the mood in A Christmas Carol?

A Christmas Carol shows a gradual shift in the mood. It starts with a gloomy mood with the scenes of cold, isolation, poverty, and miserliness. The sporadic cheer of other characters simply highlights this gloom.

How does Dickens present the theme of death?

Dickens continues to show death as a lonely event for Scrooge when he is shown the body lying in bed with the sheet over it. Dickens may have wanted to show that we need to care and comfort those close to us and not push them away.

Why is Scrooge scared of death?

Dickens only shows a real fear of death in the character of Scrooge in Stave Four when the Ghost of yet to come shows him his own death. However, Scrooge is introduced to us and we see his desire for wealth, his avarice and his unpleasant demeanour and instantly dislike him.

Is Scrooge scared of death?

How is death presented in A Christmas Carol?

Death is ever present in stave 4 of A Christmas Carol and Dickens shows the negative impact Scrooge’s life choices have on him in death. By refusing to answer him, the Ghost holds all the power and Scrooge is powerless in the face of this symbolic figure of death.

Who died in the beginning of a Christmas carol?

A Christmas Carol begins appropriately enough on the night before Christmas. Dickens starts his tale with the famous line, “Marley was dead: to begin with” (45). With these words, he brings death to the fore, an ironic beginning, considering that death marks the end of life and thus the end to one’s story.

What happens at the end of A Christmas Carol?

Resolution In literary works, the resolution occurs when the result of the central conflict causes change, usually in the main character. Scrooge’s desperation after seeing the lonely end of his life changes his perception of family and the Christmas spirit in the ending of “A Christmas Carol.”

How is the ghost like in A Christmas Carol?

Clutching at the spirit’s robes, Scrooge pledges to change his ways if he can avoid this solitary death. The Ghost disappears and leaves Scrooge clutching at his bed curtains. How is The Ghost like this? This last ghost does not speak at all. It is the most haunting in appearance.

How is Exposition used in A Christmas Carol?

Exposition. In “A Christmas Carol,” the exposition occurs when Dickens introduces the reader to main character Ebenezer Scrooge. Readers learn that Scrooge’s business partner Marley has died. To introduce the conflict, Dickens describes Scrooge’s hostile attitude toward his nephew, his ill feelings about marriage and his disdain for charity.

What do you need to know about teaching A Christmas Carol?

When students are faced with lots of difficult words there can be a common sense of mental fatigue and sheer annoyance. We need to explicitly cultivate a sense of curiosity in the rich tapestry of words Dickens creates (or with any complex literary text for that matter). We can do this by unveiling the mystery of these seemingly alien words.