What does Judge Stevens say probably has caused it?

What does Judge Stevens say probably has caused it?

What did Judge Stevens say probably caused it? Judge Stevens thinks that Miss Emily’s servant probably killed a snake or a rat. They went to her house and sprinkled lime all over. Eventually the smell went away.

What did the judge do about this problem A Rose for Emily?

At this point, the judge orders several men to go to Miss Emily’s house at night and sprinkle lime around the outside of the house and the grounds. They do all of this without confronting or discussing it with Miss Emily. She catches them in the act and they sneak away quickly.

What is Gettys argument in A Rose for Emily?

Getty forms this argument in two logical steps: First, “the concept of the confessional, with the carved rose above it, applies more to the Episcopal Emily than it does to her Baptist neighbors.” Second, “in Emily’s case, the pos- sibility for a full confession exists only with her author, and his knowledge of her …

Why does Judge Steven not want to confront Miss Emily about the smell?

Why doesn’t Judge Stevens want to confront Miss Emily about “the smell”? He doesn’t want to accuse a lady of smelling bad. What were the minister and the doctor trying to convince Miss Emily of doing after her father’s death? To convince her to allow them to dispose of the body.

Why do the townspeople believe her boyfriend husband has left?

18. Why do the townspeople believe her boyfriend/husband has left? They believed Homer left so that Emily could get rid of her cousins.

Why did Miss Emily not have to pay taxes?

Emily won’t pay taxes after her father’s death because her father was promised he would never have to. Therefore, the mayor concocted a story that the town owed the Griersons money, and for that reason they were exempt from property taxes.

Why do townspeople say poor Emily?

In “A Rose for Emily,” the townspeople keep repeating “poor Emily” as an indication that they believe she has fallen from her privileged social standing. Miss Emily does not conform to their social expectations, particularly when she chooses to enjoy the company of a man who is a day laborer from the North.

Why do the townspeople keep repeating poor Emily?