What does Joker call Batman?

What does Joker call Batman?

If Joker is caught off-guard by Batman, he will occassionally just call him Batman. I think, when Joker was trying to be more dramatic, he called Batman “Gotham’s Dark Knight”. In Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Joker called Terry McGinnis (in a nutshell, Batman of the future) “Bat-Fake”.

What does Batman mean in slang?

The slang definition for Batman means “The largest bat which has the name Bruce Wayne”

How do they call Batman?

Originally when Batman debuted he was referred to as “The Bat-Man” when it was a hit comic. Villains, citizens, or even newspapers hail him as such, only because they don’t know who he is or where he came from. Hence titles like “The Batman strikes” or the famous line from Batman Begins: “He’s here.”

What does Harley Quinn call Batman?

And only the DEMO is out! OK, we got Joker calling Batman “Bats”, H. Quinn calling him “B-Man”….

What does BTM mean?


Acronym Definition
BTM Better than Most
BTM Business Transaction Management
BTM Bridge Team Management (maritime safety)
BTM Business Technology Management

What is the Joker’s nickname?

Characterization. Renowned as Batman’s greatest enemy, the Joker is known by a number of nicknames, including the Clown Prince of Crime, the Harlequin of Hate, the Ace of Knaves, and the Jester of Genocide.

Why did Harley call Puddin?

Harley Quinn started gave the Joker the nickname of Mr. J when she was still a pyschiatrist at Arkham Asylum. She also often calls him Puddin. Speaking of his name, “Puddin’” is the nickname Harley Quinn gives her beloved, The Joker, played by Jared Leto in the upcoming film, hence her “I heart Puddin’” tattoo.

What does BTW stand for?

By the way
ARCHIVED: What do BTW, FAQ, FYI, IMHO, RTFM, and other acronyms mean?

AFAIC As far as I’m concerned
AFK Away from keyboard
BRB Be right back
BTDT Been there, done that
BTW By the way

What does BTM stand for graffiti?

BTM stands for Big Time Mafia (video game; graffiti gang)

What is the nickname for Batman and Robin?

nickname for batman and robin (7,3)
The Dynamic ___ (nickname for Batman and Robin)
The ___ Crusader (nickname for Batman)

Why is Batman called the Dark Knight?

A2A. He’s called the Dark Knight simply because he works in the shadows. As said in the film, Batman is a “watchful protector and a silent guardian”, “The Dark Knight.” in the sense that he can do things normal heroes couldn’t, being on the other side of the law.

What is Joker’s nickname?

Renowned as Batman’s greatest enemy, the Joker is known by a number of nicknames, including the Clown Prince of Crime, the Harlequin of Hate, the Ace of Knaves, and the Jester of Genocide.

What is a Scottish Mayor?

scottish mayor
Scottish mayor
“Mayor” ex-mayor Ed

Who is singer Tori?

singer tori
Name that rhymes with “Tori”
Tori Amos single (6)

What is the name of the Batman comic book?

The Dark Knight is the nickname of the superhero Batman who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics.

Where did Batman get his nickname Dark Knight?

Use in media. Batman’s nickname was capitalized upon in the 1999 two-issue comic book story Dark Knight of the Round Table. The story was set in Arthurian England, where Bruce is a scion who initially opposes King Arthur but eventually joins him at the Round Table and fights against Mordred and Morgana.

What was Harley Quinn’s nickname for the Joker?

In Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn, Harley recalls the origin of her “Puddin” nickname for the Joker, showing their unique connection. Warning: spoilers for Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #2!

Is it true that Batman is just a bat?

Batman is not just a man, he isn’t just a bat. He isn’t just Bruce Wayne, nor is he just Matches Malone. And just like the amount of company he likes to keep (well maybe not likes, but he definitely keeps a lot of company), he has just as many or maybe more so Identities.