What does it mean for a movie to gross?

What does it mean for a movie to gross?

The noun, a gross, is the complete amount (before expenses), and the verb “to gross” is to bring in money. If you’re referring to, say, how much money a movie made, that’s the noun gross; but remember, the gross is how much the movie made in total, not how much it cleared in profit after expenses (the net).

How well did F9 do?

“F9” has the box office in overdrive. The ninth installment in Universal’s action-packed “Fast and Furious” franchise has surpassed $500 million in global ticket sales, solidifying its place as Hollywood’s biggest theatrical hit of the pandemic era.

What was the series finale of the affair about?

The Affair started out as a story about novelist Noah Solloway’s affair with waitress Alison Bailey. But the final season’s twists and turns could have made the screenwriters of a soap opera jealous. Luckily, it remained fairly good. In as much as the series finale provided closure, it didn’t quite manage to put a lid on every jar.

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Why is it so hard to end an affair?

She doesn’t want to end the relationship with her affair partner, but she doesn’t want to lose her marriage either. Plus, if (but most likely when) her husband finds out that there was more to their relationship, he will be understandably upset. She realizes her husbands friendship with this man will definitely be severed.

How many seasons was the affair on Showtime?

Sarah Treem ( House of Cards, In Treatment) and Hagai Levi ( In Treatment, Our Boys) created the hit drama, which ran on Showtime for five seasons from 2014 until last night’s series finale.

What did Joanie do at the end of the affair?

Joanie (Anna Paquin) shows up at the Lobster Roll as well, to get some wisdom from Noah, who’s wearing a lot of old-age makeup. Fans were exceptionally pleased with the finale, tweeting their gratitude to the writers and happiness that a story they loved won a satisfying sendoff. “Wow, what a beautifully, stunning ending to The Affair.