What does Gene eventually tell Finny?

What does Gene eventually tell Finny?

Gene tells Finny that he would never have been any good in the war anyway because he would have gone over to the other side and made friends and gotten everyone confused about whom they were fighting.

What does Gene do when he leaves the infirmary?

Against orders, Gene follows the doctor’s car taking Finny to the infirmary. There Gene spies through a window, calling to Finny. In fury, Finny struggles to rise from his bed but falls out of it instead. Apologizing, Gene leaves quickly, and spends the night wandering through the campus.

How does Finny leave the building?

Finny reacts to the testimony by refusing to listen to what Leper had to say and saying “I don’t care”. Finny leaves the room and, while trying to leave the building, falls down the stairs.

What does Finny tell Gene at the end of Chapter 3?

Before they fall asleep, Finny tells Gene that he’s his “best pal.” And Gene, though he feels he should return the statement, doesn’t. “Perhaps I was stopped by that level of feeling,” he says, “deeper than thought, which contains the truth” (3.73).

How does Gene lose his innocence?

Gene loses innocence as he comes to terms with the fact that he was wrong in his blame for Finny who only ever loved him in return. Gene feels guilty for his blame and actions that resulted from his subconscious resentment and in this guilt and blame that he finally imposes on himself his innocence is lost.

Why does Gene cry for kindness?

Gene cries because of the unexpected kindness with which the doctor speaks to him. Because of the knowledge of his own guilt, he does not feel that he deserves it.

How does Finny avoid getting in trouble at the tea?

How does Finny avoid getting into trouble at the tea? Finny does lie when he says he planned on using the school tie as a belt, when is was really just a mistake. Gene was mostly disappointed of Finny’s avoidance of trouble, because Gene wanted Finny to finally get in trouble.

What does gene struggle with?

Gene struggles with complex emotions, often vacillating between adoration and envy toward his best friend. He also envies Finny’s ability to finesse his way out of difficult situations. The climax of the story occurs when Gene purposely shakes the tree branch that he and Finny are standing on.