What does Bobo represent in A Raisin in the Sun?

What does Bobo represent in A Raisin in the Sun?

Willy and Bobo are Walter’s friends who represent another failure for Walter to be the man of the household and achieve personal success. Walter feels emasculated as a chauffeur and wants to get out of working for a white man. Late in the play, Bobo tells Walter that Willy has run off with the money.

How is Walter characterized in A Raisin in the Sun?

Walter in A Raisin in the Sun is best described as an antihero, or an unconventional hero. Throughout the play, he makes many decisions that hurt the members of his family, but by the end of the play, he is able to regain their respect.

Who is Bobo and what does he tell Walter?

What news does Bobo bring to Walter? Bobo tells Walter that their friend, Willy, has ran off with all the money that they invested into their liquor store.

Why does Bobo come to the youngers home?

Who was Karl Lindner, and why did he visit the Youngers’ house? He was from Clybourne Park Improvement Association. He was calling to ask the Youngers not to move into their white neighborhood.

What happens with Bobo?

For now, he continues to work as a commercial fisherman and takes on other odd jobs in Northern California which allows him to talk to people and hear their eyewitness accounts of the creature in the hopes of getting definitive proof of Bigfoot’s existence once and for all.

Is beneatha Walter’s sister?

Beneatha Younger (“Bennie”) Mama’s daughter and Walter’s sister. Beneatha is an intellectual. Twenty years old, she attends college and is better educated than the rest of the Younger family.

What does Bobo say happened with the money?

When Bobo arrives and announces that the money is gone, Walter yells, “THAT MONEY IS MADE OUT OF MY FATHER’S FLESH,” reflecting his belief that money is the lifeblood of human existence. None of the Youngers feels pity for Walter, and it seems now that none of their dreams will come true.

What does Bobo say to Walter?

Why is Bobo so polite in A Raisin in the Sun?

When he comes to Walter’s apartment to deliver the bad news about the insurance money, he is so mannerly and polite to the women in the Younger household that he appears almost ridiculous. As soon as we meet Bobo, we know instantly why Walter’s business idea did not work out as he hoped it would.

Who are the main characters in A Raisin in the Sun?

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Why does Bobo look to Walter for direction?

Bobo looks to Walter for direction, for even as unschooled as Walter might have appeared to us initially, we see that Walter is far brighter than Bobo. Bobo’s thought processes are sluggish; we see that he hardly knows the right words to use as he tries to explain to Walter what happened to their money.

Who are Willy and Bobo in the Outsiders?

Willy and Bobo are Walter ’s friends who represent another failure for Walter to be the man of the household and achieve personal success. Willy, Bobo, and Walter plan on opening up a liquor store in the south side of Chicago, and in order for Walter to chip in his share, he needs money from his father’s life insurance policy…