What does Ben Price say to Jimmy at the end of the story?

What does Ben Price say to Jimmy at the end of the story?

Ben Price recognizes that what the warden has told Valentine is true: “You’re not a bad fellow at heart.” Having observed Valentine’s actions, the detective knows that Jimmy is in love and intends to “live straight.” So, he grants the safe-cracker a reprieve, “a retrieved reformation.”

What does Ben Price think Jimmy?

Ben Price knows Jimmy as a wily thief with well-honed skills in safe-breaking. It was Ben Price who arrested Jimmy years before. Jimmy had been sentenced to four years in prison.

Why do you think Ben Price pretended not to Recognise Jimmy Valentine?

Ans. Ben Price pretended not to recognize him because he witnesses Valentine’s reformation and wanted to give him a chance to enjoy his new life.

Why did Ben price go to Elmore?

Answer: Price is so determined to bring Jimmy to justice that he pursues him for an entire year, finally finding him living in the town of Elmore under the guise of Ralph D. Spencer. please mark as brainliest.

How did Jimmy Valentine save Agatha?

Agatha was locked in the banks new safe when she was playing with her sister Mary. When Annabel asked Jimmy to try to rescue Agatha, Jimmy used his burglary tools and opened the safe in less than ten minutes. This is how Agatha was rescued.

What risks did Jimmy undertake to save Agatha’s life?

Ironically, Jimmy risks everything by rescuing little Agatha from the bank vault, but because he risks everything by exposing his identity as a master safecracker, he is allowed to “retrieve” his reformation.

Why did Jimmy decided to stop the show?

Jimmy Valentine decided to give up his life of crime because he falls in love with a beautiful, small-town girl named Annabel Adams. He knows such a perfect girl will not return his love if she knows how he makes his living. As the story opens, Jimmy is serving time in prison for one of his latest safecracking jobs.

How did Jimmy save the child?

One child playfully locks another in the safe, and the combination has not been set. Jimmy has to face an ironic (unexpected) choice. He can use his criminal skills to get her out, or stay “straight” and let her die.

What causes Jimmy to become another man?

Jimmy’s change was triggered by his falling in love at first sight with the beautiful and highly respectable Annabel Adams.

What happened to Agatha at bank?

What happened to Agatha at the bank? Ans. Agatha was accidently locked in the new vault at the Elmore Bank while playing with her elder sister, May.

Who inherited Jimmy Savile’s money?

The late Jimmy Savile’s estate, worth GBP4 million at his death in 2011, has been distributed to personal injury (PI) compensation claimants and the various legal advisors.