What does Belle say about Scrooge?

What does Belle say about Scrooge?

Belle states, “Another idol has displaced me,” meaning that Scrooge has come to love money as he once loved her.

What item does Belle say has replaced her in Scrooge’s affections?

Scrooge’s passion for Belle has been replaced by “a golden one.” She tells Scrooge that the master passion of Gain “engrosses” him; that is, the acquisition of wealth, and his love for her has lessened.

What does Belle say has displaced her?

Belle knows this when she says ‘You are changed’ and ‘Another idol has displaced me’. This shows us Scrooge should love the woman he was going to marry, not money and so she leaves him and he ends up being married to money.

What does Belle mean when she says a golden idol has displaced her?

The “golden idol” is a metaphor for wealth. Belle feels that if they continue their relationship, Scrooge will eventually resent her, and their relationship will continue to deteriorate, so she breaks up with him.

Who is happy about Scrooge’s death?

Caroline is right to be so nervous. When her husband arrives with the news that Scrooge is dead, Caroline is happy, then she feels bad for being happy at a man’s death.

Who is Belle and why was she important to Scrooge?

Belle. A beautiful woman who Scrooge loved deeply when he was a young man. Belle broke off their engagement after Scrooge became consumed with greed and the lust for wealth. She later married another man.

Why did Belle release Scrooge from his promise?

When Belle noticed that Scrooge was becoming more work focused and sought to earn evermore money he lost most interest in her – She told him he was released from his promise because he and another love a golden one Who is Belle in A Christmas Carol? Scrooge’s old fiance.

What did fan say to Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

As was the case with Fan, Belle’s words reveal the truth of the memory. Belle states, “Another idol has displaced me,” meaning that Scrooge has come to love money as he once loved her.

Who is Belle in A Christmas Carol, and why was she?

Scrooge later sees a vision of Belle who has married someone else and is surrounded by loving, happy children. Start your 48-hour free trial and unlock all the summaries, Q&A, and analyses you need to get better grades now.

Why did Belle break up with Scrooge in the Great Gatsby?

Scrooge was in love with Belle, who broke up with him when his total focus seemed to change to only being concerned about making money. Why does Belle break up with Scrooge? She broke up with him because she saw that he cared for money more than he cared for her.