What do you put under summary of qualifications on a resume?

Summary of qualifications resume templateNumber of years of experience in a certain field or role.Highest degree received, including the program, school and graduation year.Management experience, including how many employees reported to you.Key achievement or major project in a past role, including quantifiable data.

Should a resume include a professional summary?

A concise career summary should appear near the top of your resume no matter if you have decades of work experience or are a recent grad. It can be featured under its own header, or if you’re including it at the end of your summary, you could use the header Career Summary and Employment Objective.

What do you put under professional profile on a resume?

What to include in your profileHow many years of experience you have.Your specialty or area you have the most experience in.Your soft or hard skills that are relevant to the position.Any achievements you’ve accomplished that brought in results.Professional career goals.Keywords used in the job posting