What do Walter and Ruth fight about?

What do Walter and Ruth fight about?

Walter and Ruth continue to argue about their unhappy lives, a dialogue that Ruth cuts short by telling her husband, “Eat your eggs, they gonna be cold.” Beneatha gets up next and after discovering that the bathroom is occupied by someone from another family, engages in a verbal joust with Walter.

What does Walter want Ruth to do why is she reluctant to do this?

Walter’s father has died and Mama is waiting for a check from the insurance company. Walter wants Ruth to “encourage” his mother to give him the money to invest in a “get rich, can’t miss” plan. Mama has her plans for the money.

What are Walter and Ruth’s expectations of each other?

Expert Answers Throughout the play, the expectations of both husband and wife play a significant role in how both approach their union and life together. Ruth’s expectations of Walter would be that he would act in the interests of the family, while finding contentment in his own dreams.

Why is Ruth annoyed with Walter?

Ruth angrily responds to Walter after he asks her why she isn’t more pleasant. She is upset because Walter gave Travis another fifty cents, money she believes they can’t afford to give to him. Walter’s action reveals he is more worried that Travis will think they don’t have money than their actual lack of funds.

What is the conflict between Ruth and Walter?

Ruth seems to think the store is a bad idea, and Walter is insulted, telling his wife “A man needs for a woman to back him up…” (I. 1). This will be an ongoing conflict in the play. Walter believes that other family members, including Ruth, do not support or believe in his dreams.

Why does Ruth scramble Walters eggs?

Why does Ruth scramble Walter’s eggs, even though he says he does not want them scrambled? What does this indicate about their communication with each other? She scrambles them perhaps because she does not really care how he wants his eggs, and she scrambles them out of bitterness.

What is Walter doing instead of showing up to work and why?

Where had Walter been going instead of to work? He had been driving and walking and watching people. You just studied 23 terms!

What is the biggest problem in Walter and Ruth’s marriage?

The greatest strains on Walter and Ruth’s marriage in A Raisin in the Sun include their financial difficulties and their worldviews. Walter and Ruth’s poverty impacts their life decisions, such as whether or not Ruth should have an abortion.

What is the most significant conflict between Walter and Ruth in their marriage?

Why does Ruth scramble the eggs when Walter asks for not scrambled?

The level of miscommunication that exists between husband and wife is suggested in Ruth’s scrambling Walter’s eggs after he says “not scrambled.” It will be seen throughout the play that a lack of communication occurs many times between Walter and Ruth.