What do Walter and Ruth both want?

What do Walter and Ruth both want?

The most important thing that Walter wants from Ruth is support. He feels trapped in a limiting job and hopes for more for himself (and for his family). Many of the requests Walter makes early in the scene are reciprocated by Ruth and they are somewhat trifling quibbles and repeated remarks.

What happened between Walter and Ruth?

Ruth seems to think the store is a bad idea, and Walter is insulted, telling his wife “A man needs for a woman to back him up…” (I. 1). This will be an ongoing conflict in the play. Walter believes that other family members, including Ruth, do not support or believe in his dreams.

What are the jobs of Walter and Ruth and why are they significant?

What are the jobs of Walter and Ruth, and why are they significant? Walter is a Chauffer and Ruth is a cook and housekeeper, these are significant because they’re both tired of their work and don’t get respect.

How does Ruth help Walter?

Ruth supports her husband by selflessly putting her own dreams and goals on the back burner and remaining by Walter Jr’s side as he struggles to find happiness.

Does Walter cheat on Ruth?

It is revealed that Walter has been cheating on Ruth. George refuses to take Beneatha out when she is wearing her unusual clothing.

Why does Walter get so angry with Ruth when she dismisses?

Why does Walter get so upset with Ruth and Mama? Walter thinks the money will not be given to him to use for his business.

What’s ironic about Walter coming back to the house to ask Ruth for money?

What is ironic about Walter asking Ruth for money for cab fare? She was mad at Walter anyway, and the money was just an excuse to vent her feelings.

Why does Walter get upset when Ruth keeps telling him to eat his eggs?

He has been trying to tell Ruth about his dream of their future. She tells him to eat his eggs with no regards to what he has been telling her. He wants to dream of a better life, and she just wants to worry about the present moment. He is upset and frustrated because she will not listen and support him.

Why was Walter so angry?

Walter is afraid that if the women in his family are able to take care of themselves, they won’t need him. He also feels inferior to the women in his life because he must always depend on them for financial and emotional support. Feeling dependent makes Walter angry, frustrated and less manly.

Why is Walter so upset with Mama?

He becomes angry when Mama refuses to even consider his plan to invest the money in the liquor store. He shouts and says that Mama didn’t even listen to his plans and isn’t considering the rest of his family in her refusal to give him the money.