What do the portly gentlemen want from Scrooge?

What do the portly gentlemen want from Scrooge?

The Portly Gentlemen Two gentlemen who visit Scrooge at the beginning of the tale seeking charitable contributions. Scrooge promptly throws them out of his office. Upon meeting one of them on the street after his visitations, he promises to make lavish donations to help the poor.

Why did the portly men visit Scrooge?

The portly man and he thin man go visit Scrooge because they want him to donate money to the poor.

How does Scrooge react to the portly gentleman?

The particularly appalling thing Scrooge says to the gentleman is “`If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population. Besides — excuse me — I don’t know that. ” What particularly appalling thing does Scrooge say to the Portly gentlemen?

Who else lives in Scrooge’s house?

We’re told on two occasions that Scrooge’s clerk Bob Cratchit lives in Camden Town, along with his wife and children Peter, Martha, Belinda, “two smaller Cratchits” and the selfless Tiny Tim.

What does the thin and portly man ask for?

What do the thin man and the portly man want from Scrooge? The men want Scrooge to make a donation for the poor.

What did the portly gentlemen want Scrooge to do?

The men wanted Scrooge to donate money to charity, although Scrooge being an arrogant misanthropist refuses.

What do the portly gentlemen want in A Christmas Carol?

The Christmas song is a carol. What does the large man want from Scrooge? The “portly gentleman” was seeking a charitable donation to help feed the poor at Christmas. What do he portly gentlemen who come in after Scrooge nephew leave want?

What did Scrooge say to the two men?

Scrooge says he is content to let them die and rid England of their surplus population. At this point, the men leave. After Scrooge’s nephew visited him, two gentlemen entered. They greeted Scrooge and asked him for donations for the poor. They explained the plight of the poor in the city.

Who was Scrooges business partner in A Christmas Carol?

Marley was Scrooge’s business partner. Scrooge’s nephew invites Scrooge to Christmas dinner. The men want Scrooge to make a donation for the poor. Scrooge dislikes Christmas and thinks those who celebrate the holiday are carzy and should be punished.