What did the judge do in A Rose for Emily?

What did the judge do in A Rose for Emily?

Judge Stevens is portrayed as a traditionalist: he believes in the preservation of female dignity even more than he believes in bringing homicidal criminals to justice. Instead of issuing a warrant to investigate the source of the smell, Judge Stevens has men spread lime inside Miss Emily’s cellar in the dead of night.

Why does Judge Stevens not want to tell Emily personally about the smell surrounding her house?

Why doesn’t Judge Stevens want to confront Miss Emily about “the smell”? He doesn’t want to accuse a lady of smelling bad. What were the minister and the doctor trying to convince Miss Emily of doing after her father’s death? To convince her to allow them to dispose of the body.

Who was Emily’s lover in A Rose for Emily?

Homer Barron
Emily attempts to fill it with a relationship with Homer Barron. He is gay and does not feel the same way, but she doesn’t accept this. She poisons him and keeps his body in her bed for decades.

Why did they call Emily poor Emily?

Julianne Hansen, M.A. Miss Emily comes from a privileged family, and the townspeople expect her to therefore behave in certain ways. Thus, the townspeople are left shaking their heads, muttering “poor Emily” as a response to the way she seems intent, in their minds, on destroying her family’s legacy.

Why did the town feel sorry for Emily?

The townspeople felt both pity and sympathy for Miss Emily. They knew that her father had dominated her all her life and that the only man whom she loved and was willing to marry had suddenly left her.

Why does Judge Steven not want to confront Miss Emily about the smell?

What happened Homer Barron?

Once Miss Emily dies, people enter her house. All we know for sure is that Homer Barron is dead and his body has been kept in an upstairs bedroom of Miss Emily’s house. His body, dressed in a nightshirt, has decomposed into the bed.

Why did Miss Emily not have to pay taxes?

Emily won’t pay taxes after her father’s death because her father was promised he would never have to. Therefore, the mayor concocted a story that the town owed the Griersons money, and for that reason they were exempt from property taxes.

Why would Emily kill Homer Barron?

Emily’s main reasons for killing him were because she was angry that he had turned her down, and that she knew that this was her last, best chance at matrimony. There were no other men in the town in whom she was interested (and vice versa), and no other prospects were likely.

Who is the mayor of Jefferson in a rose for Emily?

The mayor of Jefferson some time after Sartoris, Judge Stevens receives complaints that Miss Emily ’s property is issuing a bad smell, but, so as not to humiliate the woman, he dispatches men to investigate the smell in secret and to neutralize it by spreading lime around Miss Emily’s property.

Who are the townspeople in a rose for Emily?

Though her thoughts and feelings… read analysis of Miss Emily Grierson The story is narrated by “we,” the townspeople in general, who also play a role in Miss Emily ’s tragedy. The townspeople respect Miss Emily as a kind of living monument to their glorified but… read analysis of The townspeople

Who is Mr Grierson in a rose for Emily?

Mr. Grierson is a controlling, looming presence even in death, and the community clearly sees his lasting influence over Emily. He deliberately thwarts Emily’s attempts to find a husband in order to keep her under his control.

Who is Homer in a rose for Emily?

Read an in-depth analysis of Emily Grierson. A foreman from the North. Homer is a large man with a dark complexion, a booming voice, and light-colored eyes. A gruff and demanding boss, he wins many admirers in Jefferson because of his gregarious nature and good sense of humor.