What did the board of alderman sprinkle in Emilys cellar?

What did the board of alderman sprinkle in Emilys cellar?

They broke open the cellar door and sprinkled lime there, and in all the outbuildings. This is the height of ridiculousness, but it is the only way anyone can think of to deal with Miss Emily–avoid her.

What do we learn about Miss Emily through her meeting with the Board of Aldermen?

The members of the Board of Alderman paid Miss Emily a visit in the hope of collecting the taxes that she had failed to pay for years. Their explanation that there was no written documentation of this was still not good enough for Miss Emily. She continued to repeat “I have no taxes in Jefferson” to the men.

Why does the Board of Aldermen send delegation to Miss Emily’s house?

The Board of Aldermen of the town send a delegation to the home of Miss Emily Grierson because they want her to pay taxes. She does not pay any taxes on her home and property and they think that she should.

What do the neighbors complain to the mayor about in A Rose for Emily?

A short time after her “sweetheart” departs, the neighbors of Emily Grierson complain of a putrid smell. The judge’s reactions demonstrate a Southern gentleman’s deference to Miss Emily’s social position.

Why did Emily’s house smell bad?

Expert Answers The smell is that of Homer’s rotting body. The story is not structured chronologically. It is told out of order, and this incident takes place prior to the section where Faulkner discusses Homer’s disappearance.

What event clarifies the smell that came from her house?

The final scene in which the narrator investigates Miss Emily’s attic after her passing reveals the source of the rancid smell which emanated from her house years prior: Homer Barron’s corpse.

How did Emily’s father affect her?

” Throughout her life, Emily’s father was extremely overprotective. He drove all her potential suitors away because he did not feel like anyone was good enough for his little girl.