What did Simon Shepherd appear in?

What did Simon Shepherd appear in?

In popular culture Simon Shepherd was regularly mentioned in the BBC comedy Gimme Gimme Gimme as Tom’s crush and appeared as himself in an episode of each series. He played Patrick Simmons in the 1984 Miss Marple TV-adaptation of A Murder is Announced. In 1989 he appeared in Henry V and in 1990 in Chances.

Who is Simon Shepherd married to?

Alexandra Byrnem. 1980
Simon Shepherd/Pasangan

How old is Simon Shepherd?

64 tahun (20 Agustus 1956)
Simon Shepherd/Usia

When was Simon Shepherd in peak practice?

Peak Practice It ran on ITV from 10 May 1993 to 30 January 2002 and was one of their most successful series at the time.

Who plays Simon in doctors?

Simon Rivers
Simon Rivers (born Amardip Singh Nahal in 1978) is an English actor, known for portraying the role of Kevin Tyler in the BBC soap opera Doctors….

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Simon Rivers
Occupation Actor
Years active 2004–present
Television Doctors

What year did peak practice start?

Peak Practice was first screened in 1992 and originally starred Kevin Whately, Amanda Burton and Simon Shepherd.

Does will die in Peak Practice?

The main characters will be husband and wife GPs Nicholas and Deborah Sweet, who leave their London surgery to take over his father’s practice in rural Derbyshire after his death.

Who plays the blue guy in Dr Who?

Simon Fisher-Becker
Simon Fisher-Becker is a British stage, television and film actor, specialising in comedy and character parts. His more notable roles include Tony Fazackerley in Puppy Love for the BBC, The Fat Friar in the Harry Potter film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and Dorium Maldovar in series 5 and 6 of Doctor Who.

Who played Doctor fosters husband?

Adam James (plays Neil) Will he ever get the chance, one wonders, to find out? And more importantly: how smarmy can a man get? And how many affairs has he had?

How did Nardole die?

Nardole is introduced in the 2015 Christmas special “The Husbands of River Song” as the employee of the Doctor’s wife River Song (Alex Kingston). In the course of the episode, he is decapitated, with his head ending up as part of a cyborg body.

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Why does Madame Kovarian want to kill the Doctor?

Madame Kovarian is the main antagonist of the 2011 series of Doctor Who. As a leading member of the Church of the Silence, she plotted to bring about the death of the Doctor as she believed that he would one day bring about the end of the universe.