What did Scrooge do with the turkey?

What did Scrooge do with the turkey?

Scrooge orders the boy to have the man bring the turkey to his home, and if he does it in less than five minutes, he’ll give him a half crown. Scrooge plans to send the turkey to Bob Cratchit. He hires a cab for the man to deliver the turkey, since it is a burden to carry. He pays the boy.

What happens when Scrooge arrives at the Cratchits?

As time passes, Scrooge is as good as his word: He helps the Cratchits and becomes a second father to Tiny Tim who does not die as predicted in the ghost’s ominous vision. Scrooge brings a little of the Christmas spirit into every day, respecting the lessons of Christmas more than any man alive.

What does Scrooge do in response to Cratchit?

When Scrooge brings it to Cratchit’s attention, Cratchit apologizes for his lateness, acknowledging his responsibility to be prompt. When Scrooge orders him into Scrooge’s office, Cratchit says, “It’s only once a year, sir . . . It shall not be repeated.

What does it show us about Scrooge that in stave 5 he sends the turkey to the Cratchits anonymously?

Why does Scrooge send the Cratchits a turkey anonymously? He has come to understand the joy of giving and doesn’t need recognition. The Cratchits won’t know who sent it.

Why does Scrooge want the prize turkey?

Scrooge’s act of gifting this prize turkey to Cratchit is not only of interest because it relates to the origin of the practice of serving the Christmas turkey; it is also of interest because it represents a grand symbolic act.

Who receives the prize turkey?

One of the striking things about Scrooge’s act of gifting the Cratchits a giant prize turkey was that for Scrooge this gesture was the grandest of jokes – so much of a joke that Scrooge “chuckled till he cried”.

Why did Scrooge buy a Turkey in A Christmas Carol?

In Charles Dickens ‘ A Christmas Carol, Scrooge sends a young boy to buy a turkey on Christmas Day, which he plans to send to the Cratchit’s as a surprise. The original passage is as follows: “It’s Christmas Day!”

What did Scrooge give the Cratchits for Christmas?

In the visit by Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present they had a small goose with stuffing inside, some mashed potatoes, gravy, applesauce, and a plum pudding cooked in the wash pan! In reality the Cratchits would eat heartily of the enormous turkey sent them by an anonymous donor (Scrooge).

How did Scrooge’s Turnabout affect Cratchit’s family?

The effects of Scrooge’s personal turnabout are most clearly shown by Scrooge’s Christmas Day beneficence to Cratchit and his family, in stark contrast to the way in which he is tight-fisted with coal on the day prior. As far as the text shows, Cratchit is Scrooge’s only employee.

What was Scrooge’s first social act in A Christmas Carol?

The first social act of this newly reformed Scrooge is to purchase and then gift a giant prize turkey to the family of his underpaid and overworked clerk, Cratchit.