What did Scrooge ask about Tiny Tim?

What did Scrooge ask about Tiny Tim?

Tiny Tim is Bob’s youngest child. He is crippled (he walks with a crutch). Scrooge asks if Tiny Tim will die and the Spirit says if Scrooge does not change, then YES. Ultimately, Tiny Tim’s life is in Scrooge’s hands.

What does Scrooge ask the ghost about Tim?

In A Christmas Carol, Scrooge asks the Ghost of Christmas Present if Tiny Tim will live, and the ghost replies, “If he be like to die, he had better do it and decrease the surplus population.” Explain why this quote is significant.

What does Scrooge say about Tiny Tims death?

In A Christmas Carol, Scrooge reacts to Tiny Tim’s death with great sadness, particularly as he considers the uncaring words he has spoken about the poor. Scrooge has previously refused to donate to charities to help the poor, believing that they should die and lessen the tax burden on himself and others.

What does Scrooge beg the spirit for Tiny Tim?

The spirit then takes Scrooge to the meager home of Bob Cratchit, where Mrs. Cratchit and her children prepare a Christmas goose and savor the few Christmas treats they can afford. Scrooge begs to know whether Tiny Tim will survive.

What did Scrooge say to the ghost of Tiny Tim?

“Spirit,” said Scrooge, with an interest he had never felt before, “tell me if Tiny Tim will live.” “I see a vacant seat,” replied the Ghost, “…If these shadows remain unaltered by the Future, the child will die.” “No, no,” said Scrooge. “Oh, no, kind Spirit! say he will be spared.” (Stave Three)

What did Tiny Tim say in A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge asked, “Will Tiny Tim live?” The ghost replied,” He will die if nothing changes.” Describe the Cratchit family’s toast to Scrooge. They toasted for Scrooge’s health, and the fact that he payed for the feast; his wife didn’t want Scrooge to be mentioned.

Where does the ghost of Christmas present take Scrooge?

If they would rather die…they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population. Later on, the Ghost of Christmas Present takes Scrooge to Bob Cratchit’s home, where he sees Tiny Tim, who is crippled and in poor health. Scrooge is moved by the sight of Tiny Tim and empathizes with the child’s difficult situation.

What did Scrooge tell Bob at the end of stave five?

Scrooge later tells Bob that he wants to discuss his affairs, and tells him he will raise his salary “endeavour to assist your struggling family” (Stave Five). More importantly, Scrooge takes an interest in the Cratchits beyond money. Particularly, he seems fond of Tiny Tim. Scrooge was better than his word.