What did Roger Staubach do in Vietnam?

What did Roger Staubach do in Vietnam?

After graduating from the academy in June 1965, he volunteered for a one-year tour of duty in Vietnam. He served as a supply corps officer at a base providing relief for Da Nang Air Base. Da Nang is the city where the first waves of U.S. troops landed in March 1965. Staubach didn’t return home from Vietnam until 1967.

Who did Roger Staubach play for in the NFL?

Dallas Cowboys
Roger Staubach

No. 12
NFL Draft: 1964 / Round: 10 / Pick: 129
AFL Draft: 1964 / Round: 16 / Pick: 122
Career history
Dallas Cowboys (1969–1979)

What does Roger Staubach do for a living?

American football player
Army officerBusinessperson
Roger Staubach/Professions

How many Super Bowl rings does Roger Staubach have?

two Super Bowl championships
How many Super Bowls did Roger Staubach win? Roger Staubach won two Super Bowl championships.

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What is Roger Staubach net worth?

Roger Staubach Net Worth: Roger Staubach is an American former professional football quarterback who has a net worth of $600 million….Roger Staubach Net Worth.

Net Worth: $600 Million
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.9 m)
Profession: American football player
Nationality: United States of America

How is Roger Staubach so rich?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Roger Staubach boasts an estimated net worth of $600 million through his playing career and business ventures in retirement, most notably the fortune he made via real estate.

When did Roger Staubach come back from Vietnam?

Roger Staubach in Vietnam, 1966 (Photo: Stripes) In September 1967, he comes back from Vietnam and spent the rest of his naval career in the United States. He played football on various service teams to prepare for his future career in the National Football League.

What did Roger Staubach do for a living?

Roger Staubach on the field. From an early age, it was clear that Roger has a strong connection with football. So with support from family, friends, and colleagues, he started a small step in football. This turned out to be a turning point in his life. In the present day, he is serving as executive chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle.

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Who are the players that played with Roger Staubach?

Staubach’s offensive teammates included standout receivers “Bullet” Bob Hayes, Lance Alworth, Drew Pearson and Golden Richards, tight ends Mike Ditka, Billy Joe Dupree and Jackie Smith, tackle Rayfield Wright and running backs Robert Newhouse, Calvin Hill and Tony Dorsett.

Who is Roger Staubach in Hail Mary movie?

Mini Bio (1) Roger Staubach was born on February 5, 1942 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA as Roger Thomas Staubach. He is a writer and producer, known for Hail Mary: The Drew Pearson Roger Staubach Story, SLANT 45: The Movie (2011) and First Cowboys.