What did Peter Stringfellow own?

What did Peter Stringfellow own?

Peter Stringfellow also owned Angels Gentleman’s Club on Wardour Street but sold it in 2016. Among his other legendary clubs were Cinderella Rockerfella’s in Leeds and The Millionaire Club in Manchester. He launched the Stringfellow lingerie range in 2016 and talked about opening a virtual reality strip club.

What happened Peter Stringfellow?

Nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow has died at the age of 77, a spokesman has said. The businessman, who had cancer which he had kept private, died in the early hours of Thursday morning.

What is Peter Stringfellow worth?

How much is Peter Stringfellow Worth? Peter Stringfellow Net Worth: Peter Stringfellow was a British nightclub owner and entertainment tycoon who had a net worth of $5 million at the time of his death. Born in Yorkshire, England, Peter Stringfellow grew up in Sheffield and London.

What did Peter Stringfellow die of?

Kanker paru-paru
Peter Stringfellow/Penyebab kematian
Stringfellow was treated for lung cancer in 2008, but was healthy until he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in late 2017. He died on 7 June 2018 at the age of 77, at King Edward VII’s Hospital in London.

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Where is Stringfellow buried?

Peter Stringfellow is buried at private woodland funeral.

Is Peter Stringfellow still alive?

Deceased (1940–2018)
Peter Stringfellow

How old is Stringfellow?

77 years (1940–2018)
Peter Stringfellow/Usia saat kematian
‘King of Clubs’ Peter Stringfellow ‘left just £1million in his will’ when he died aged 77 despite amassing £37m fortune. Peter Stringfellow left just £1million in his will despite amassing a fortune of £37million due to his strip club empire. The businessman died of lung cancer last year aged 77.

What year did Peter Stringfellow die?

June 7, 2018
Peter Stringfellow/Tanggal kematian

Is Stringfellow dead?

Who now owns Stringfellows?

BRITAIN’S most famous nightclub Stringfellows has been secretly sold in a multi-million pound deal, almost two years after its legendary founder’s death. A deal for the iconic London club went through last week and saw it snapped up by a consortium led by businessman George Georgiou.