What did Frank Sinatra pass away from?

What did Frank Sinatra pass away from?

14 de mayo de 1998
Frank Sinatra/Fecha de la muerte

Is there a Frank Sinatra biopic?

Martin Scorsese has made a ton of biopics over the course of his storied filmmaking career. Inspired by the fact that the iconic crooner singlehandedly changed the public image of Italian-Americans, Scorsese wanted to tell Sinatra’s story, but eventually scrapped the project in 2017 after years of development.

How did Frank Sinatra get into movies?

Sinatra soon learned they were auditioning for the Major Bowes Amateur Hour show, and “begged” the group to let him in on the act. With Sinatra, the group became known as the Hoboken Four, and passed an audition from Edward Bowes to appear on the Major Bowes Amateur Hour show.

Who can play Frank Sinatra?

The role of Sinatra has yet to be cast, but the early favorite is Leonardo DiCaprio, who has made three films with Scorsese, including Shutter Island, which opens this fall. Another possible contender: Johnny Depp. Respected film industry blogger Nikki Finke reports he’s the choice of the sponsoring studio, Universal.

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Who is playing Frank Sinatra in a movie?

Creed frontman Scott Stapp has been tapped to play legendary singer Frank Sinatra in an upcoming biopic about former President Ronald Reagan. Dennis Quaid will star as Reagan in a movie about his life, including his days in Hollywood as an actor and president of the Screen Actors Guild.

Is Scott Stapp really playing Frank Sinatra?

Scott Stapp, of Creed fame, has been tapped to portray Frank Sinatra in an upcoming Dennis Quaid-led Ronald Reagan biopic, aptly titled Reagan. In a statement, Stapp said, “Sinatra in performance mode was an exercise in restraint. He had this steely, stylish swagger and his sheer presence commanded a room.

Is Scott Stapp going to play Frank Sinatra?

Scott Stapp, the veteran rock artist and Creed frontman, will make his feature film debut by portraying Frank Sinatra in the upcoming biopic Reagan, Billboard can reveal exclusively. “Sinatra in performance mode was an exercise in restraint,” Stapp says in a statement.